benjiGgood morning07:13
ibirishi benjiG!07:17
ibirisbenjiG: question - do you have a (set of) blueprint(s) for 1110?07:18
ibirisbenjiG: related to what you are working on :-)07:18
ibiriskan_hu: we can proceed with the multimedia test content release - the questions from TSC were clarified and we have green light to complete the release07:21
ibiriskan_hu: in case someone asks: https://wiki.linaro.org/TSC/LicenseSelection - check for creative commons07:22
benjiGibirs: hi, I don't have ant bp for my test on dma-buf/cma ...07:22
ibirisbenjiG: ok we need to fix that :-)07:22
ibirisbenjiG: check over at linaro-mm-sig - I will take the discussion there with sumits and you07:23
ibirisfolks - I have been recently looking into html5 - question: although html5 is an open standard, can html5 video be hw accelerated ? Is it? Are there any eg gstreamer plugins which do that? And how do they fare on ARM. Does anyone know?08:43
av500of course it can08:44
av500html5 tells the browser "play this video"08:44
av500the browser is free to implement hw accel08:44
av500I have no idea if any browser falls back on gst to play video08:45
ibirisav500: thanks - there seems to be a presentation for this year's gst conference related to this http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/conference/speakers.html  - Jonas Lundberg08:48
ibirisof maybe that is slightly different subject08:49
av500seems related08:53
av500but hw accelerated html5 video is being done today e.g. on android08:53
ibirisfolks have we planned any demos for Linaro Connect?  I cannot see any such discussion in the logs - from the past week09:25
ibirismru, wei_feng, ronynandy, benjiG krtaylor robclark kan_hu ^^^09:26
benjiGno demos on my side09:26
av500no OccupyConnect demonstration?09:27
kan_hui even can not go there.09:28
kan_huibiris, i see you message on the license09:28
ibiriskan_hu: thanks .-)09:29
kan_huso we can based on david's ppa so no need to repack09:29
ibiriskan_hu: it's as in https://wiki.linaro.org/TSC/Requests/2011-09-23-media-samples if nothing has changed there, then no need to worry09:52
kan_huibiris, yes, exactly the same10:08
ibiriskan_hu: I have moved https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-testcontent/+spec/engr-testcontent-shortversions to 1110 milestone11:31
ibiriskan_hu: wei_feng: can either of you check out https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+bug/816638 you both seem to have commented on it - see the last comment from James Tunnicliffe, bug seems to be there still ?11:43
ibiriskrtaylor: ping - what is the verdict for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-linaro-omap/+bug/733334 ? Could you try what mru has suggested  at the last comment and confirm - fixed on still alive :-) Or maybe tgall_foo can check mru's suggestion (since he has a beagle)?  Either way this should not be left hanging around11:47
mruibiris: those bug reports are totally void of any useful information11:52
mrukind of hard to proceed on them11:52
ibirismru: ack - then the person who is looking from MMWG should confirm with the assignee and either mark the bug as incomplete or move on to fix it11:54
ibirismru: either way we should not just let bugs hang there :-)11:55
mruwell, I've added what I know11:55
ibirismru: thumbs up :-)11:55
tgall_foomru: when sound utterly doesn't work, what more useful information would you expect?  least that's what was the situation then, we'll see what our oneiric builds are like today12:24
mru"doesn't work" is a useless bug report12:25
mruare there error messages?12:25
mruif yes, what are they?12:25
tgall_foomru, no it's not a useless bug report. and if there were error messages it would have been attached12:26
mrualso things like kernel config, full kernel log, and output of "aplay -l", "aplay -L", and "amixer" are useful12:26
tgall_foomru, that report was rediculously easy to recreate12:26
tgall_foomru, it was all bog standard compoents and software loads12:27
mruand yet it contains nothing of value to figure out what is wrong, let alone why12:27
mruwhy don't you fix it then if it's so damn easy?12:27
mruI've been dealing with bug reports long enough that I don't trust anyone who claims to be running "just the standard settings"12:27
tgall_foothe recreation steps are so damn easy12:27
mruthere's always some detail they've neglected to mention12:28
tgall_foomru, dude, I have my gray hair in my beard then you do, skip the lecture please12:28
mruage is not everything, so skip the lecture, you too12:29
mruand provide the info I asked for12:29
mruoh, add lsmod to the list12:29
tgall_fooattitude is everything, adjust yours ;-)12:29
ibirisrobclark: ping - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-mm-sig/+spec/engr-mm-kms-2011.10 headline and acceptance ?17:32
robclarkibiris, yeah, I was sort of stuck waiting to see when I get my camera board to see if I could finish any of the dmabuf stuff before LC..17:36
robclarkso I wasn't quite sure how much I could put in the BP for this month17:36
ibirisrobclark: is the outlook any better now?17:37
robclarkwell, I was told last fri that I should get it sometime this week..17:37
robclarkI guess if you consider the 20th as the deadline, that doesn't leave too much time..17:37
ibirisy the 20th is the deadline17:38
ibiriskrtaylor: ping - looking at papyrs - I see only the UCM for Android item the camera demo seems to be out?19:31
krtayloribiris, camera demo was merged with GWG requirement21:58
ibiriskrtaylor: thanks!21:59
ibiriskrtaylor: 2 requests21:59
krtayloribiris, sure21:59
ibiris1. the list of requirements for Q4 in https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/WeeklyReport needs some scrubbing or is there a shorter list with items already agreed by the TSC?22:00
ibiris2. check JesseBarker's email on the wiki for the hack sessions. I am willing to put the information from MMedia in the same page with graphics - using this format: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Graphics/Events/LCQ4.11-Orlando22:01
ibirisso a timetable at the top in a table format and then anchors to the discussion parts further down the page22:01
ibirisHopefully we can have 1 page for both groups this would make sense as we are sharing the room22:02
ibiriskrtaylor: but let me know what you think22:02
krtayloribiris, #1 - I have no idea of the status of the TSC and their review o four requirements, I didnt think we had direct access to the TSC anymore22:04
krtaylor#2 hacking - yes, need to set up some sessions, will look at that tomorrow after the team meeting22:04
krtayloribiris, agree on the one bp/sessions schedule, but we may need additional time to double up22:05
krtaylorals need to address the possibility of the NEON forum , mru I think is planning on a presentation22:05
krtaylorthat needs attention tomorrow22:06
ibirisok let's do that22:06
mruyes, I'm planning something22:06
krtayloryep, back to my vacation day and time with the kids, ttyl everyone22:07
ibiristhanks krtaylor!22:08

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