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* bero wonders if there's anything wrong w/ gerrit today... Doesn't seem to load any entries08:16
pfalconfgiff: Hi, back from vacation?08:41
pfalconfgiff: having slow progress with deployment, faced bunch of issues.08:42
pfalconfgiff: I'd ask you to review what I did so far08:42
pfalconfgiff: Then, discuss approach to resolve stuff08:43
pfalconfgiff: In the meantime, I'm trying to work around/facilitate testing at least08:43
fgiffpfalcon: OK, I've been looking at what you've changed so far.08:43
pfalconok, thanks08:43
fgiffpfalcon: I saw you raised some bugs too.08:43
beropfalcon: Is there anything wrong with gerrit (e.g. 100% CPU load or something)? I can't seem to see any entries, but it seems to work for botao_sun, so chances are it's either a timeout or a connectivity problem on my side08:44
pfalconyep. i.e. i fixed small issues/made small improvements, but more serious stuff was bug-ticketed08:44
pfalconfgiff: believe or not, it just opened instantly for me ;-)08:45
pfalconbero: ^^^08:45
pfalconbero: loadavg there is not high at all. but as you know, we have issues with performance there (RT#130)08:47
pfalconbero: but again, web ui works pretty snappy for me08:47
beroProbably a local issue... Maybe I need to kick my ISP09:05
beroSeems to work now09:09
beropfalcon: Is there any way I can create a new project, or do I have to file a ticket for someone else to do it?09:10
pfalcon bero: you're admin, you can do that. it's possible only via SSH interface. see Gerrit page in wiki. Give good thought to the naming ;-)09:11
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Tr3nThi all12:05
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patrikrydmpoirier, What is the difference between the landing and the staging Android build?14:37
mpoirierpatrikryd: landing is pure STE ALK3.014:37
patrikrydmpoirier, and the other?14:38
mpoirierpatrikryd: staging is STE ALK3.0 merged with John Stultz's android kernel14:38
patrikrydmpoirier,   so... There are newer patches in staging from Linaro and Android?14:39
mpoirierpatrikryd: that is correct yes.14:41
patrikrydmpoirier, why not only use the staging?14:42
mpoirierpatrikryd: the landing team is available, I don't see a reason to remove it.14:43
mpoirierpatrikryd: landing team build that is.14:43
patrikrydmpoirier, ok. So it's more or less the same build and there is no important reason why we have both? :)14:46
mpoirierpatrikryd: right now staging is more advanced then landing, something that is bound to widen as time goes by.14:46
patrikrydI'm creating an internal presentation and I'm trying to explain the different builds we have.14:46
mpoirierpatrikryd: ok.14:47
mpoirierlanding is stuck in time...14:47
mpoirierstaging allows STE to evolve and follow android upstream AND Linaro14:47
mpoirierpatrikryd: but there is more...14:48
mpoirierI'm finishing tracking today, which is the GLK3.0 rebased on the androidization branch maintained by andy and friends.14:48
mpoirierthat provides an easy way to transform any linux kernel to the lates and greatest: upstream android and linus W.14:49
mpoiriersorry, not W. but T.14:50
mpoirierpatrikryd: so now, STE has an ALK3.1-rc8...14:51
patrikrydmpoirier, I though tracking was a panda build.14:51
mpoirierpatrikryd: there will be a tracking for all vendors...14:51
mpoirierpatrikryd: thr androidization branch is very vanilla...14:52
mpoirierpatrikryd: the first rebase demands work but after it's fine.14:52
mpoirierpatrikryd: I think there is a lot of added value in the staging and tracking build...14:53
patrikrydmpoirier, so you rebased the alk on the androidzation branch?14:54
mpoirierpatrikryd: nop, the GLK3.0 hosted on github...14:54
patrikrydso its a pure linux kernel with basic android support14:55
patrikrydmpoirier, I thought we did not use github anymore.14:57
mpoirierpatrikryd: a brand new GLK3.0 has been pushed to github14:57
pfalconpatrikryd: can you please re-review at http://review.android.git.linaro.org/671 ?15:10
patrikrydpfalcon, is the kernel.mk only 7 lines now? I only get seven lines when I tell gerrit to show whole file.15:16
pfalconpatrikryd: ah, damn. multitasking... this time submitted against master...15:17
patrikrydpfalcon, my file look  like this... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/705441/15:18
pfalconpatrikryd: sure, let me revamp it15:19
pfalconpatrikryd: patchset 2 should be correct finally15:24
cyanghi pfalcon,15:49
pfalconcyang: hi15:51
cyangpfalcon, I am about to create a branch in gerrit for platform/external/libnfc-nxp to commit my changes, but it looks like I have no permission to do that.15:51
pfalconcyang: yes, only admins can create branches (to make sure stuff is well organized)15:52
pfalconcyang: what branch name would be?15:52
cyangSo who can I seek help from to create a branch for me?15:52
cyanglinaro-android would be fine, if you are happy with that15:53
pfalconcyang: pfefferz, bero, myself15:53
pfalconcyang: so, is that your *personal* branch, or official linaro branch?15:53
pfalconcyang: for the former, you would need to use git.linaro.org/people/ , no personal branches allowed in official repos per the branch policy15:54
cyangnot my personal branch, I will add it to manifests in the end15:54
pfalconcyang: is libnfc-nxp already part of AOSP?15:55
cyangI think so15:55
pfalconcyang: then the branch should be named linaro_andoid_2.3.515:55
cyangAre you convenient to create the branch for me, please?15:56
pfalconcyang: you see, all those questions should be considered before creating a branch, to avoid the tree becoming a mess ;-). that's why some central authority should create them.15:56
pfalconcyang: yep, give me 5 mins15:57
cyangYes, you are right : ) Thanks pfalcon15:57
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pfalconcyang: I would create it from android-2.3.5_r1 tag, is that correct ?15:58
pfalconcyang: done16:00
cyangthanks pfalcon16:00
bhojpfalcon,  ping17:11
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pfalconbhoj: pong17:17
bhojpfalcon, Can you create a branch on alsa_sound project ? I have some changes to that alsa_sound to enable audio on pandaboard .17:18
bhojon g.a.l.o  ?17:19
pfalcon1 sec17:19
pfalconbhoj: it doesn't have tags, so creating from master, ok?17:22
bhojpfalcon, yes need to branch it from master17:22
pfalconbhoj: done17:23
bhojpfalcon, you r blazing fast .thanks :)17:23
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jstultz_vmpfefferz:  ping..19:15
berojstultz_vm: I think pfefferz is out for the US holiday - anything I can help you with?19:18
jstultz_vmbero:  nah, just wanted to sync up on my plans for 11.10 kernel.19:18
jstultz_vmbero:  although you had me spinning for a second about the US holiday! (for a moment though I might be working when I shouldn't :)19:20
* bero never knows when all the holidays are19:28
beroI typically even forget when it's Saturday or Sunday19:28
jstultz_vmbero:  :) yea, i started this year forgetting that newyears day was on a sat, so i just worked when monday (the holiday) came around.  I recall noticing it was curiously quiet. then around 5pm i figured it out and felt a little silly.19:36
mkedwards1It appears that Samsung has added calls to flush_cache_all() and local_flush_tlb_all() in the ipi_cpu_stop() path in their latest Android kernel drop for the Galaxy S II family.  Does that address a bug that we've seen?23:16

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