birismarkos_: ping again :-) - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro/+spec/linaro-octo-armhf-benchmarks shall we mark those work items for 11.09  as done already?12:30
markos_biris, just read the email, give me till tomorrow, I had some problems with my pandaboard -broken sd card, had to build one for armhf again today, which took me a long time as it's a slow one-12:32
birismarkos_: okdok I will check again tomorro ;-)12:33
birisHey SteveMcIntyre welcome back!!15:36
SteveMcIntyrebiris: cheers :-)15:58
SteveMcIntyrehad an awesome honeymoon, now trying to catch up with my inbox(es)15:58

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