mpoirierbhoj: good morning.00:00
mpoirierbhoj: usually it's the other way around...  night for you and morning for me.00:00
bhojmpoirier,good evening :)00:01
mpoirierbhoj: ready to take the shift ?00:01
bhojmpoirier, yes sure  :)00:01
mpoirierbhoj: as your inbox will tell you, everything is done.00:03
mpoirierbhoj:  you might start to get busy when people try the images00:03
mpoirierbhoj: but they've been tested.00:04
bhojmpoirier, okay .00:04
mpoirierbhoj: the bug report sent by pfefferz summerises what works and what doesn't.00:04
mpoirierbhoj: if and when people start asking question, refer to those before wasting your time.00:04
bhojmpoirier, okay  thanks ...everything seems to be upddated00:05
mpoirierbhoj: anything you'd like to know before I take off ?00:05
bhojmpoirier, Is this true "# Note the mode the HDMI monitor comes up in, for this test case: 1920x1080p@60Hz DVI" for staging panda  ??? on DVI .I have not tried yet .00:06
mpoirierbhoj: hdmi comes up on panda - I haven't noticed anything special (different) about the resolution.00:08
mpoirierdoes 1920x1080 seems high or low to you ?00:08
bhojmpoirier, not the resolution .but it says on DVI port ... okay ill try it now.00:08
mpoirierit may be a bit high actually...00:08
bhoj1920X1080  is the right resolution.00:09
mpoirierbhoj: ah, I doubt it.  I haven't tried DVI either.00:10
mpoirierbhoj: if it's an error, simply adjust the comment.00:10
bhojmpoirier, thanks .Ill update if it doesn't work on DVI .I will take it from here .00:11
mpoirierbhoj: cool.00:12
mpoirierbhoj: have a good day - we'll speak later.00:12
* mpoirier signing off00:12
gregoiregentil1Ping cyang_?01:08
gregoiregentil1I'm using Android linaro (August build) which includes commit 503706f1f5511e053765afd7431f25796ce87824 (Author: Chao Yang <chao.yang@linaro.org> -Date:   Tue Aug 16 18:07:05 2011 +0100) "Fix wallpaper display issue"01:12
gregoiregentil1I'm also using the SGX libraries01:12
gregoiregentil1I'm in 24/32 bit. Any picture that is decoded by libjpeg.so has its color altered. It's difficult to describe, but the color are wrong. It's not a YUV/RGB error, more kind of major dithering problem01:13
gregoiregentil1if I don't include the commit mentioned above, all pictures decoded by libjpeg are black. So this commit and the code around the #ifdef ANDROID_RGB is needed01:14
gregoiregentil1Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone an idea (patch, other commit) how to fix that problem?01:14
bhojgregoiregentil1,On which board are  you trying it ?01:15
gregoiregentil1bhoj: Pandaboard01:15
gregoiregentil1It's a TI kernel but I had the same problem with the linaro kernel01:15
bhojgregoiregentil1, you can try the latest RC https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/staging-panda-11.09-release/01:16
gregoiregentil1but I have NEVER tried without SGX. I have always tried with SGX libraries01:16
gregoiregentil1bhoj: thanks but no. I have too many commits and patches to change now of release01:16
gregoiregentil1I tried the libjpeg from upstream but Android then crashes01:16
gregoiregentil1BTW, I can't find the branch on android.git.linaro.org with this commit, corresponding to the official August release01:17
bhojgregoiregentil1,  okay .did you try the latest libjeg ?01:17
gregoiregentil1latest on http://android.git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=platform/external/jpeg.git: yes01:17
gregoiregentil1it doesn't work01:18
gregoiregentil1Why is http://android.git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=platform/external/jpeg.git;a=commit;h=503706f1f5511e053765afd7431f25796ce87824 this doesn't work?01:18
gregoiregentil1I have the commit on my git clone so this commit belongs to a branch somewhere01:18
gregoiregentil1because it's on people/chaoyang/jpeg01:19
bhojgregoiregentil1, in august release libjpeg turbo was being picked from different git01:19
gregoiregentil1yes, it was taken from chaoyang01:21
gregoiregentil1so bhoj, can you suggest a stable commit of libjeg that is more recent?01:21
bhojgregoiregentil1, I am finding out the recent commit .01:22
bhojgregoiregentil1, http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo.git;a=shortlog;h=0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a  Use this one01:24
gregoiregentil1project name="people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo" path="external/jpeg" remote="linaro-other"revision="0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a" I guess???01:24
bhojyes :)01:24
bhojexternal/jpeg.git is not being used now  .01:24
bhojYou can check the https://android-build.linaro.org/jenkins/job/linaro-android_staging-panda-11.09-release/1/artifact/build/out/pinned-manifest.xml  and pick the projects01:25
cyang_hi gregoiregentil101:25
gregoiregentil1cyang_: hello01:25
gregoiregentil1so do you understand what I mentioned above?01:26
cyang_I think the one you are using is out of date01:26
cyang_There was some problems with old jpeg-turbo01:26
cyang_Now it has been updated with jpeg-turbo 1.1.9001:26
gregoiregentil1so cyang_, which tree and commit do you recommend?01:26
gregoiregentil1project name="people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo" path="external/jpeg" remote="linaro-other"revision="0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a" ???01:26
cyang_which has fixed the problem01:26
cyang_Let me double check it01:27
gregoiregentil1yes, please, check01:27
gregoiregentil1I will immediately build01:27
cyang_Yes, that's it01:27
cyang_That is the latest one which should be working well01:27
gregoiregentil1how do I clone this tree? ;-)01:27
gregoiregentil1git clone git://android.git.linaro.org/people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo.git is not working01:28
gregoiregentil1I don't want to use the manifest and download everything. saving some bandwidth here...01:28
bhojit should be git.linaro.org instead of android.git.linaro.org01:28
cyang_git clone git://git.linaro.org/people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo.git01:30
cyang_Please don't forget to checkout branch "remotes/origin/1.2-beta-linaro-andoid"01:32
faboyou also simply download the released tarball that contains this fix: http://launchpad.net/libjpeg-turbo/1.2/1.1.90-2011.09/+download/libjpeg-turbo-1.1.90%2Bsvn702-11.09.tar.bz201:41
gregoiregentil1because I have compiled 0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a and I'm getting black for all the pictures decoded by libjpeg.so01:42
gregoiregentil1like it was with cyang_ tree before the commit 503706f1f5511e053765afd7431f25796ce8782401:42
gregoiregentil1I'm wondering if it's a problem because I'm in 32 bit with SGX 8-8-8. Everything else is working well obviously01:43
cyang_gregoiregentil1, not quite sure01:44
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, hows it going, having some issues with libjpeg-turbo?01:51
gregoiregentil1yes. still not working01:52
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, have you seen our tip?01:52
gregoiregentil1I can compile tomgall and plug it to August release01:52
gregoiregentil1but everything decoded by jpeg is black, like the wallpaper01:52
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, take a look at:01:52
pfefferzgit.linaro.org/people/tomgall/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo at commit 0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a01:53
pfefferzworks with and without SGX01:53
pfefferzour without SGX build is:01:53
pfefferzwhich is using the same thing01:54
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, have you removed that other libjpeg from your build?01:54
gregoiregentil1I have replaced the external/jpeg folder01:55
pfefferzand you're on 0206f26bd4229243a87b3519d251f9e4947b6b2a01:55
gregoiregentil1yes. I do believe you that it's working with 11.09 but I'm sure of what I'm doing. I'm trying again01:55
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, sure, just trying to get up to date01:55
gregoiregentil1yes. thanks. I appreciate. I'm puzzled... re-doing everything again01:56
cyang_hi gregoiregentil1, do you want me to send you libjpeg.so so you can push that to your board to have a go?01:56
gregoiregentil1yes. please. I guess it's the same as 11.0901:56
gregoiregentil1but please do so01:56
gregoiregentil1I have downloaded 11.09 binaries tarball01:56
pfefferzit sounds like it can't load the lib01:56
pfefferzwhat compiler are you using?01:57
cyang_yes it is the same as 11.0901:57
gregoiregentil14.4 yes01:57
pfefferzcyang_'s hmmm01:57
pfefferzwe use 4.6 here01:57
pfefferzwe haven't tested against 4.401:57
pfefferzthe flags and things may not work against 4.401:58
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, or you may have to adjust thihgs01:58
gregoiregentil1I see. :-(01:59
bhojpfefferz, Hi02:00
pfefferzyou're probably seeing blac, because its compiling a lib for the wrong architecture02:00
pfefferzbhoj, hi02:00
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, so its refusing to load the lib02:00
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, what does logcat tell you?02:00
bhojpfefferz, the doc on test result needs to be corrected for adb on beagle/xm02:00
gregoiregentil1lsof | grep jpeg02:01
gregoiregentil1zygote    109        0  mem    REG      179,2   198992   33306 /system/lib/libjpeg.so02:01
gregoiregentil1sh-3.2# ls -lah /system/lib/libjpeg.so02:01
gregoiregentil1-rwxr-xr-x    1 0        0          194.3k Sep 27  2011 /system/lib/libjpeg.so02:01
pfefferzbhoj, yup, good eye02:01
gregoiregentil1I'm on gcc 4.4.302:02
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, yeah, it may not even be compiling it02:02
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, have you checked that the lib gets produced?02:03
gregoiregentil1yes, it is02:03
gregoiregentil1it's compiling fine but I'm using 4.4.302:03
pfefferzyou'll have to see if its getting loaded02:04
pfefferzbhoj, done02:04
gregoiregentil1yes, it's loading (see lsof above)02:04
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pfefferzgregoiregentil1, send an email to tom.gall@lianro.org with all the info02:06
pfefferzhe may have seen something02:06
cyang_gregoiregentil1, my libjpeg.so is uploaded to http://people.linaro.org/~chaoyang/shared_sources/libjpeg.so which is compiled with gcc 4.602:07
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, can you dump the architecture of the lib you compiled?02:08
mkedwardsgregoiregentil1: Android NDK's gcc is unlikely to be able to compile that libjpeg-turbo correctly, especially the NEON specialization02:16
gregoiregentil1it doesn't compile it but it's black on screen02:17
mkedwardsI said compile it correctly ;-)02:17
gregoiregentil1yup! :-(02:17
pfefferzgregoiregentil1, yeah, I'll bet its just dying silently02:18
mkedwardsit's also quite possible that the compiler is not the problem02:18
mkedwardsand instead that we haven't tested with the target pixel format you're using02:18
gregoiregentil1actually, this is what I would imagine more02:19
mkedwardsthere's an environment variable you can set to force it to not use the NEON acceleration02:19
gregoiregentil1because silently failed is very rare. it's more like kaboom02:19
gregoiregentil1here I have the same sympton as the one of cyang_ before his last commit02:19
gregoiregentil1do you know where is in the jpeg folder?02:20
gregoiregentil1I have removed the -mfpu=neon from Android.mk02:21
gregoiregentil1trying now02:21
mkedwardshmm, not in that branch there isn't02:21
mkedwardsif you take out -mfpu=neon, you will not get anything usable02:21
pfefferzbhoj, is, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/enable-faketsd-on-leb-panda done?02:22
mkedwardsthat branch appears to unconditionally use NEON assembly implementations02:22
bhojpfefferz, I had added WI for imx and snowball which are not completed02:22
mkedwardsis that really right?  maybe this is the wrong branch?  just a minute02:23
gregoiregentil1so mkedwards, do you know if there is a flag to switch02:23
gregoiregentil1or that's not possible to compile tomgall jpeg without neon?02:23
mkedwardsoh, remotes/origin/foo02:24
pfefferzbhoj, okay, we have a day, think you can get it in those builds?02:24
mkedwardsthat branch is of course not visible from gitweb02:24
bhojpfefferz, Can you test it for imx .Once pabhishek is back Ill ask him to check it on snowball .02:24
mkedwardsno, it's just that I didn't force-refresh; ugh02:24
pfefferzbhoj, yeah I can02:25
gregoiregentil1mkedwards: not sure to follow you and if it was for me your latest comment02:25
pfefferzbhoj, what's the test for it?02:25
mkedwardsexport JSIMD_FORCE_NO_SIMD=102:25
mkedwardsand try your test02:26
bhojpfefferz, Phone,music and contacts apps should not crash .02:26
bhojwhen launched.02:26
mkedwardsgregoiregentil1: what CPU are you using?02:27
mkedwardsbut you're running without NEON?02:28
mkedwardsTom's cpuinfo-based detection code will turn on the NEON assembly version if the CPU reports that it has NEON02:28
pfefferzokay, when its in the build please let me know02:28
mkedwardsif you have deliberately turned off support for userland use of NEON in your kernel for some reason, but /proc/cpuinfo still reports it as present, things will break02:30
pfefferzpabhishek, hey02:34
pfefferzfabo, asac_  did you guys like the spreadsheet02:49
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bhojpabhishek, ping02:50
=== bhoj2 is now known as bhoj
bhojpabhishek, good morning03:32
pfefferzbhoj, ready to sync up?04:03
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* patrikryd is going to yet an other meeting about snowball08:03
bhojbero|2, botao_sun  ping08:07
bhojpabhishek, ping08:08
bero|2bhoj: What's up?08:18
bhojbero|2, can you complete the BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/enable-faketsd-on-leb-panda ?08:19
bhojinclude the config into your kernel ?08:19
bhojand test ?08:19
bero|2bhoj: Sure08:20
botao_sunbhoj: Hi08:21
bhojbero|2,  thanks :)08:21
bhojbero|2, botao_sun  will you guys be here on the irc  as per release schedule  ?08:21
botao_sunbhoj: Of course.08:22
bero|2bhoj: I will be, unless the telco decides otherwise -- but usually once a connection is up it stays that way ;)08:22
bhojthanks :) .I am logging off for sometime .Will be back later ...08:22
botao_sunbhoj: :)08:23
* bhoj signing off :) 08:23
hongjiujinanyone from China08:29
asac_welcome hongjiujin08:29
asac_hongjiujin: depends :)08:29
hongjiujinI schedule to buy a linaro suggested board later,now i use s3c6410,to do industrial application08:29
hongjiujinusing android2.108:29
hongjiujinfor medical product08:29
asac_i dont think we support s3c6410 ... we are focussed on the most recent linaro memeber SoC low-cost boards08:30
hongjiujini see,mostly ARM A8/A908:30
hongjiujinarm11 is older08:30
asac_actually we even consider A8 a bit old except if our member doesnt have a more recent low cost board08:31
hongjiujinimx35,samung arm a9,and ST-ericson08:31
hongjiujinGot it08:31
asac_imx53 is the only a8 we still have08:31
asac_panda + origen + snowball are all dual core a908:31
hongjiujinone question,i want to focus on internet of things,sensor network,embedded system,i need to choose a good platform to research,08:32
hongjiujintake it as a base ,to build embedded network,08:32
hongjiujinthrough Can,wifi,zigbee08:32
asac_embedded networK?08:32
asac_you mean something like a mesh network based on adhoc peers?08:32
hongjiujini mean Can network,Zigbee08:32
hongjiujini just want to choose a good platform to act as a base,08:33
* asac_ reads wikipedia on zigbee08:33
hongjiujinGot it ,08:33
hongjiujinARM11/ARM A8 board +Cotex-M3 Control Board+network08:33
asac_i dont think any board we have has a zigbee module08:34
asac_they all come with bluetooth and wifi on board08:34
asac_except the quickstart imx53 (which has no radios on it)08:34
hongjiujinwhats linaro android plan?08:34
hongjiujindoes linaro has optimize andorid plan?08:34
asac_thats a quite complex question08:34
hongjiujinsuch as boot time optimize?08:34
asac_we have android08:34
asac_we dont focuss on boot time atm08:35
asac_we currently focuss on gettng hardware enablement in the open and on integratio nlinaro toochain and stabilizing that so you get the performance benefits from there08:35
asac_also jpeg-turbo integration for better jpeg rendering08:35
asac_and other topics08:35
asac_but boottime is currently not on main agenda :)08:35
hongjiujini saw 0xdroid android tree,08:35
hongjiujinhas some optimize android08:36
hongjiujinand customization08:36
asac_most of those are in our tree08:36
asac_we work closely with 0xlab08:36
asac_cant guarantee that all optimizations are there08:36
asac_if you find improvments that other folks have we are happy to look at those08:36
hongjiujinGoogle android-portting emalist full of easy questions and classified,08:38
hongjiujinnot good for reading,08:38
hongjiujini think linaro-android can classfied08:38
asac_linaro android is a fully open community and engineering organization08:49
asac_we are not-for-profit etc.08:49
asac_feel free to particupate in our wednesday android team meeting08:49
asac_and ask your questions08:49
asac_or stay awake a bit longer and talk to pfefferz etc.08:50
hongjiujingot it ,08:50
bero|2Is it just my connectivity or is review.android.git.linaro.org down?08:54
pabhishek I'm using https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/staging-snowball-11.09-release/  with Snowball V5 hardware- I don't see USB mouse getting detected08:58
pabhishekis it known ? tried with both USB self powered hub and direct connection to OTG port08:59
bero|2asac_: Any idea who has sufficient access to kick review.android.git.linaro.org?09:35
bhojbotao_sun, ping09:35
asac_bero|2: good question. pfalcon on vacation?09:38
bero|2asac_: yes, he's gone today and tomorrow09:40
bero|2visa interview09:40
asac_hmm. not good09:41
asac_mabac: hey09:41
asac_fabo: hey09:41
asac_fabo: did infrastructure give any backup for today and tomorrow?09:41
asac_bero|2: seems there is just an awful load on that host09:42
asac_opens ... reallly really slowly09:42
asac_like 1 minute09:42
bero|2review.android.git.linaro.org results in a proxy error (invalid response from an upstream server)09:43
bero|2Maybe the load will go away at some point...09:43
bero|2But I suspect it's a stray process that needs a kick09:43
asac_oh wait09:43
asac_we have that in #is infrastructure i think09:44
asac_bero|2: checking :)09:44
mabacasac_, yo ?09:46
asac_mabac: nevermind09:48
asac_bero|2: #is says that the hostis just busted with git processes09:48
asac_we will wait a bit09:48
asac_bero|2: our gerrit we page at some point opened :)09:54
asac_takes roughly 2minutes :)09:54
botao_sunbhoj: HI10:18
bhojbotao_sun, Can you look at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/WifiIntegration#preview ?10:19
faboasac_: yes, james and pfalcon have backups. depending on the task, the backup is different11:25
asac_fabo: yeah. guess for gerrit/android.git.l.o we have #is as backup :)11:29
faboasac_: and you according to pfalcon ;)11:30
asac_hmm. i am admin on gerrit itself11:34
asac_but not for the machine11:34
asac_guess thats is anyway11:34
asac_bero|2: everything back to normal?11:48
bero|2Still awfully slow11:49
patrikrydbero|2, It is always slow :(11:50
asac_bero|2: talk to #is then ... not sure11:50
asac_bhoj: question on wifi ... so the example wpa_supplicant.conf11:50
asac_is that needed if you use the UI?11:50
bhojasac_, yes11:50
asac_bhoj: so you cannot scan and select an AP in current images?11:51
bero|2patrikryd: Yes... But it seems to be a bit extreme right now, or is that speed normal for you? (It might be slower than it used to be for me because I've switched ISPs when I moved... Maybe I was just lucky that the connectivity between review.android.git.linaro.org and VTX was superb)11:51
asac_bhoj: what does it take to make the UI scan and connect feature work?11:51
bhojasac_, the reference conf file has info on control interface ap_scan etc.As and when you scan and connect to networks11:52
bhojIt will update a copy of reference conf file with that info11:52
asac_i see11:52
asac_makes sense11:52
asac_though a bit rudimentary :)11:52
bhojreference conf file is in read only system partition i.e /system/etc/wifi/ folder .11:53
asac_but thats now installed by default in right place for us, right?11:53
bhojin that wiki page those instructions  are to test wpa_supplicant on command line.when operated from GUI ,at runtime it gets copied to /data/misc/wifi/11:54
patrikrydbero|2, It is always this slow to me. (I'm connected over the 3G network.)11:55
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bhojbero|2, I saw that your commit for the config is at master of the kernel. Should I ask pfefferz  to update the manifest to pick master  ?12:44
bero|2bhoj: No, let me cherry-pick the change...12:45
bhojbero|2, okay thanks :)12:45
bero|2There probably isn't a difference between the master and release branches in the first place, that repository is dead anyway12:45
* bero|2 still hopes to get 3.0 to boot in time12:46
bhojno , 1109 is using http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=people/bernhardrosenkranzer/android-kernel-iMX53.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linaro-android-11.0712:46
bero|2bhoj: I know, and cherry-picked the change there12:47
bero|2I'm just still hoping to switch to the 3.0 based kernel12:48
bhojthanks :) . oh that would be cool :)12:48
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pfefferzbero|2, is that config fix on your kernel tree, so if I rebuild iMX53 I'll pick it up?14:26
bero|2pfefferz: yes14:26
bero|2pfefferz: I'm already rebuilding imx53-linaro-gcc-4.6 for testing (should be identical to what is in the release builds)14:27
pfefferzbero|2, okay...14:27
pfefferzbero|2, the device specific changes are great!14:55
bero|2pfefferz: Thanks, they're the last toolchain related bits I'd like to push for this release14:56
bero|2Most of my normal work boxes are back up and running too14:58
pfefferzbero|2, nice14:59
pfefferzbero|2, I'm getting an error building iMX53, https://android-build.linaro.org/jenkins/job/linaro-android_staging-imx53/4/parsed_console/?15:24
pfefferzbuild/tools/fs_get_stats/fs_get_stats.c:1:0: error: bad value (cortex-a8) for -mtune= switch15:24
bero|2Looking... But that's really odd15:34
bero|2Ok, that is evil...15:35
bero|2Looks like the build system doesn't make a difference between host and target compiler flags15:36
bero|2And obviously -mtune=cortex-a8 is not something you'd pass to an x86 compiler15:36
pfefferzthat is evil15:39
mpoirierpfefferz: good morning15:41
pfefferzmpoirier, morning15:49
pfefferzmpoirier, how's it going?15:50
mpoirierpfefferz: good thanks.15:50
mpoirierpfefferz: I'm thinking about writing a wiki that would explain how to reproduce any build found on jenkins on their own machine.15:50
mpoirierpfefferz: that way outsiders could reproduce our images on in their shop.15:51
mpoirierpfefferz: any thoughts ?15:51
pfefferzalready did it15:52
mpoirierwhere ?15:52
pfefferzmpoirier, its a few places15:52
mpoirierI've looked on the linaro android wiki but it's not complete.15:52
pfefferzmpoirier, http://www.linaro.org/linaro-blog/2011/09/15/%EF%BB%BFbuilding-a-linaro-android-build-from-source/15:52
pfefferzmpoirier, yeah, the Wiki could be updated,15:53
mpoiriercool, let's see...15:53
pfefferzit'd be great if you could do that15:53
mpoirierpfefferz: I was actually thinking about updating that wiki...15:54
pfefferzmpoirier, cool15:54
pfefferzthat would be a big15:54
mpoirierpfefferz: starting from scratch is too long and I'm (by default) lazy15:54
pfefferzmpoirier, feel free to use the blog post15:54
mpoirierpfefferz: I'll definitely reference the blog as I didn't have the intention of getting into building the toolchain.15:55
mpoirierpfefferz: wonderful !  I have write access to https://wiki.linaro.org/KenWerner/Sandbox/AndroidOnPanda15:56
mpoirierwhat a surprise !15:56
bero|2Ok, build should be fixed again16:03
pfefferzk, buildiong16:13
pfefferzor rather its already built16:13
pfefferzbero|2, nevermind out of date link16:13
pfefferzbero|2, building16:13
asac_i dont think we should hide build instructions and instructions how to reproduce builds in a kenws sandbox wiki16:53
pfefferzits not hidden16:54
pfefferzits linked16:54
pfefferzKen wasn't able to edit the ANdroid wiki16:54
pfefferzso he put it in his sandbox16:55
malutapfefferz: Hi. I tested ~linaro-android/staging-panda-11.09-release and kernel recognizes when I plug a usb webcam ( http://fpaste.org/I2iK/ ) Now, do you recommend some software to watch the image? or need I change CameraHal to deal with /dev/videoX?18:45
pfefferzmaluta, you'll need to change the camera hal18:47
pfefferzwould love an app so the camera you're using18:47
malutapfefferz: ok18:47
pfefferzits cool it sees it18:48
pfefferzbero|2, hows the multimedia app looking?19:27
bero|2Fine in theory (except it doesn't do encoding yet), but I haven't seen whether or not it actually shows up in the launcher now (currently creating an image that has the likely fix for that problem)19:28
pfefferzI think once that's done I'm going to cut all the images for the final release19:31
pfefferzonce we each build checks out19:31
bero|2I'm currently updating all my blueprints (and creating new ones for 11.10 to carry over bits that aren't done yet)19:31
pfefferzbero|2, cool thanks bero|219:33
pfefferzbero|2, I went ahead and booked my tickets...I'm going to just fly straight to Prague19:34
bero|2I have my tickets as well19:35
doanacjust noticed since android.git.kernel.org is down you can't download "repo" anymore. Can we host a copy on android.git.linaro.org?20:20
doanacalso, can someone point me to another copy so I can try something out.20:20
pfefferzdoanac, ha! we already do REPO_TRACE=1 repo init -u git://android.git.linaro.org/platform/manifest.git -b linaro_android_2.3.5 --repo-url=git://android.git.linaro.org/tools/repo.git20:22
pfefferzexcept the REPO_TRACE thing (which you can use to see all the cool git commands repo uses20:23
doanacpfefferz: that worked. thanks20:25
pfefferzbero|2, were you able to get the sd config into your iMX build?20:31
bero|2pfefferz: What sd config?20:32
pfefferzfor fakesd20:32
pfefferzthat bhoj was wokring on20:32
bero|2Ah, faketsd and CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT20:33
bero|2that's in20:33
bero|2but not yet tested20:33
pfefferzokay, I've got a build with it in it20:34
pfefferztesting now20:34
pfefferzbero|2, can you cover the PoC for 30 min21:01
pfefferzbero|2, https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/staging-imx53/#build=5 looks good21:02
bero|2I'm still playing with the 3.0 kernel21:02
bero|2but I don't think it's going to be ready in time21:02
pfefferzthat's okay21:02
pfefferzdo you see your app in the launcher?21:02
pfefferzhey I see it!21:03
bero|2Yes, it's there21:03
pfefferzhehe...but it dies  :( on iMX5321:03
bero|2Hmm... I haven't tried to launch it on the hw yet (still unpacking stuff)21:04
pfefferzis it in all builds?21:04
pfefferzI can try it on Panda21:05
bero|2It should be in all builds, yes21:05
pfefferzk, kicking off a panda build21:05
pfefferzbe back in 3021:06
doanacpfefferz: just saw this error while doing my repo sync: "GitError: people/andygreen/kernel-tilt update-ref: fatal: f175e10ca2932083c40aa1adc54b0df625d37a89^0: not a valid SHA1"21:20
doanacis this okay or is something broke?21:20
bero|2doanac: pfefferz should be back in around 15min. The error looks like something is referring to a commit in the kernel repository that doesn't exist, let me check...21:21
bero|2doanac: Yes, that commit ID doesn't seem to exist... What are you trying to check out?21:23
doanacbero|2: I'm trying the https://wiki.linaro.org/KenWerner/Sandbox/AndroidOnPanda steps. I was doing a repo sync for the 11.08 release21:26
bero|2Looks like the 11.08 manifest refers to a kernel revision that has since been deleted... Odd.21:31
bero|2No, wait21:32
bero|2f175e10ca2932083c40aa1adc54b0df625d37a89 does exist21:32
bero|2It's just in a different branch21:32
bero|2Does simply rerunning repo sync produce the same error?21:32
doanacbero|2: its still doing the initial sync. i'll try again once its done.21:33
doanacbero|2: sync failed. I just tried once more and it still fails21:35
bero|2Same error as before?21:35
doanacis the "^0" in the error message anything to be concerned with or is that just how repo dumps the message?21:35
bero|2I've seen this before, and I think it was harmless21:36
bero|2Let me check what happens if I run the same commands here21:36
doanacyou think I should delete my kernel.git under .repo and try again?21:36
doanaci think that *might* have fixed my issue.21:38
bero|2Yes, that can't hurt21:40
bero|2My sync is still running21:40
bero|2So far no problems21:40
bero|2but it hasn't reached the kernel yet21:41
mpoirierpfefferz: you around ?21:44
pfefferzwhats up21:48
mpoirierpfefferz: I'm sure i don't have the permission to move the wiki page around.21:48
mpoirierit's all ready now.21:48
pfefferzmpoirier, okay, did you just make a new wiki page?21:49
pfefferzooo very nice21:50
pfefferzlet me make sure you can edit the Android wiki21:50
mpoirierI'm not sure about 'perflab' but i kept it.21:50
mpoirierif we get too many complaints we can remove it.21:51
pfefferzokay you should be able to hack on Wiki pages now21:51
mpoirierI simply documented the steps I take pretty much every time I need to build a new image.21:51
doanacmpoirier: I'm to repo sync in your steps and they are working. only one catch: I made two minor updates to reflect what you must do while kernel.org is offline21:52
bero|2doanac: I've run into the same issue with f175e10ca2932083c40aa1adc54b0df625d37a89^021:56
mpoirierpfefferz: how do I access wiki.linaro.org ?21:56
pfefferzwhat do you mean?21:56
mpoirierdon't I need to access the server to move the page around ?21:57
mpoirierbtw - I never did that21:57
mpoirieranmar was always the manager of the wiki in STE-LT21:57
doanacmpoirier: you can rename a page from the web ui21:57
doanacwhat page are you trying to do?21:58
doanacwhat do you want to rename it to?21:58
mpoirierdoanac: we'd like  to put it under platform/android...21:58
doanacmpoirier: I can do it if you'd like.21:58
doanacbero|2: I hit the sync issue again as well21:59
mpoirierdoanac: I'd like to learn if possible21:59
mpoirierdoanac: but again, I doubt I have access to those pasture.21:59
doanacmpoirier: sure. just select the "more actions" drop down21:59
doanacthere's a "rename page" option21:59
mpoiriergot it.22:00
doanacanother good practice is to see what pages link to it, so you don't break links22:00
mpoirierhumm... it be wise to make a copy then.22:00
doanacyou can do that by clicking the "AndroidOnPanda" in the page banner22:01
doanacmpoirier: no copy needed, you just make sure you update the pages that link to it. in this case its really just platform/android which you were probably updating anyway22:01
doanacbero|2: can I just point the tilt entry in the manifest to something like tilt-linaro-android-3.0?22:03
mpoirierdoanac: I'm about to rename to "Platform/Android/AndroidOnPanda"22:03
mpoirierdoanac: does that make sense ?22:03
doanacmpoirier: yep.22:04
bero|2doanac: Sure, but that will give you the current kernel and not the one that was used on 11.0822:04
bero|2Not that that's a bad thing ;)22:04
bero|2It's just bad for reproducability22:04
doanacbero|2: yeah - i'm just trying to build. I'll let you guys sort out that bug :)22:04
mpoirierdoanac: done - pretty cool thanks.22:11
mpoirierpfefferz: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/AndroidOnPanda22:11
pfefferzmpoirier, cool!22:19
mpoirierpfefferz: cool thing is that it's generic.  You can re-generate anything using the recipie.22:20
pfefferzyeah it looks really awsome22:21
pfefferzthank you for updating it22:21

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