alf_Amaranth: so it's you that brings in all the ambient noise in the line :P12:29
Amaranthi don't think i have any noise12:29
Amaranthother than a couple computer fans12:29
Amaranthsomeone is moving things around though :P12:29
Amaranth(not on my end)12:29
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marcoilibiris, alf_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/glproxy/+bug/85552412:51
ubot2Ubuntu bug 855524 in glproxy/trunk "eglCreateWindowSurface fails with error 12299 on pandaboard" [Undecided,New]12:51
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botao_sunGuest42774 -> pfefferz-x -> _pfefferz -> pfefferz_12:58
pfefferz_yeah, having some issues12:58
botao_sunFreenode today is unstable.12:59
pfefferz_morning everyone12:59
berohi everyone12:59
bhojHi !13:00
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berohelp: I don't think that's very HELPful ;)13:01
pfefferz_okay, sorry about all this13:01
pfefferz_I know13:01
pfefferz_big fingers typing13:01
linarobotMeeting started Wed Sep 21 13:02:02 2011 UTC. The chair is pfefferz_.13:02
linarobotUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.13:02
pfefferz_how is everyone today?13:02
berosomewhat troubled because I have to get out of this apartment by Friday morning, but can't find a way to get my desk out - but otherwise ok ;)13:03
pfefferz_looking at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/Meetings/2011-09-2113:03
pfefferz_bero, you need to hire some movers13:03
pfefferz_cheapest way I know to save your back13:03
pfefferz_#topic Connect tracks/hacking sessions13:04
pfefferz_We've got a connect coming up13:04
pfefferz_for those that have never been13:04
pfefferz_its a week long meeting/hacking/presentation fest13:05
pfefferz_we're going to have a platform track13:05
pfefferz_with Ubuntu and Android co-track leading13:05
pfefferz_we'll have planning sessions in the morning and hacking sessions in the afternoon (and into the evening of course)13:06
pfefferz_many will be against the roadmap ideas we came up with13:06
pfefferz_but I wanted to let people give input on any other sessions they'd like to see or run themselves13:07
pfefferz_note: I will probably have people from the team run some sessions13:07
beroAt the last connect, the meeting between us and the toolchain group was very good -- I'd like to repeat that13:07
pfefferz_we'll go through how to do it during one of these meetings13:07
pfefferz_bero, +113:08
pfefferz_I thought having meetings with each WG/LT was useful13:08
pfefferz_but trying to hack in a hour wasn't useful13:08
pfefferz_any comments on that?13:08
berotrue, we need either longer hack sessions with them, or decide to keep the hack sessions in non-Connect time13:10
mpoirierdoes it have to be a hack session ?13:11
pfefferz_bero, yeah, I think we'll just invite people to come to the hack sessions in the afternoon13:11
mpoirierI think it's better to sit down with them and see what worked, what they want to see improved and iron out anything that is not working.13:11
pfefferz_I think creating a list of hacking topics we'd like to accomplish during the week would be good13:11
pfefferz_I liked that at the last connect13:11
mpoirierhacking is always a very long process13:11
mansson_This is a "planning" connect right, so emphasis should be on 12.05 planning, Cambourne was mid-term. Differrences?13:12
botao_sunmpoirier +113:12
asacall connects should be similar13:12
asacone part planning aka roadmap card breakdown13:12
asacoone part implementation discussion (detailed blueprints for first or tricky steps of what was discussed inthe roadmap break down)13:12
asacone part hacking13:12
pfefferz_to asac's point13:13
pfefferz_it will be a little different than Cambridge13:13
pfefferz_since its co-hosted with Ubuntu13:13
pfefferz_we'll do the hacking sessions a little different13:14
pfefferz_but we'll still have planning sessions13:14
pfefferz_we should also have a demo ready13:14
pfefferz_now that we have some fairly enabled platforms13:14
pfefferz_that should be easier13:15
pfefferz_okay, anything else on connect before moving on?13:15
pfefferz_#topic BPs of note13:16
pfefferz_bero, any progress on this one, still need a hand and more support from the Freescale LT?13:16
beroYes to all 3 ;)13:17
beroIn this morning's session, we figured out at least some things that are currently wrong13:17
pfefferz_bero, oh cool13:17
pfefferz_alright, I'll get a build going13:17
pfefferz_and lend you a hand13:17
beroI'm currently building a kernel that may or may not fix things (by disabling all non-MX53 boards, looks like the multi-board stuff is breaking things badly)13:17
pfefferz_bero, cool13:18
beroIf it still breaks, I could definitely use some more help13:18
pfefferz_more DT stuiff13:18
pfefferz_would you get the details of the brekage to grant likely?13:18
pfefferz_I have a feeling that many people are goign to suffer DT heat death13:18
pfefferz_anything else on that BP?13:19
asacnote: DT is on the roadmap for next quarter :)13:19
beroOne thing that's going wrong with iMX53 right now is that it calls the init functions for the GPIO ports of iMX31, iMX35, iMX51 and iMX53 (all of them, in that order)13:19
beroNothing else in particular13:19
pfefferz_asac, yeah, but GL said it sohould be working on iMX5313:19
pfefferz_its okay, just getting the platform and LT more aligned13:20
asacok. just saying that we dont need to bother to fight with backports of patches if that makes things easierfor this month13:20
pfefferz_asac, ack13:20
pfefferz_next, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-integrate-11.09-toolchain13:20
cyangI think it is pretty much done13:21
pfefferz_chao it looks like you refreshed all the builds to use tip?13:21
pfefferz_what boards did you test?13:21
cyangNot gcc tip code13:21
pfefferz_just like we talked about13:21
pfefferz_I think the way you suggested is good13:21
cyangAs agreed, we will use gcc official release once it is available13:21
pfefferz_then once we release we'll switch back to tip13:22
asacgcc wasnt released last week?13:22
cyangI kicked off the build and tested panda and leb_panda13:22
cyangIt was13:22
pfefferz_asac, yup, take a look at the BP for more details13:22
pfefferz_asac, everythings moving along13:22
pfefferz_anything else on that one?13:22
asacsure thats all i want to hear13:22
pfefferz_asac, :)13:22
cyangJust need PoC's help with the test13:23
* asac goes back doing something else13:23
cyangon their board13:23
pfefferz_cyang, yeah, list what you've tested13:23
pfefferz_Bero can you test iMX53 tip and update the BP13:23
cyangI have updated it on the BP13:23
beroyes, as soon as it boots ;)13:23
pfefferz_bhoj, can you do Panda and Beagle13:23
beroIf the new kernel still doesn't work, I'll just go back to the old kernel for now13:24
beroso at least we can test everything else13:24
bhojpfefferz_, sure13:24
pfefferz_bero, yeah13:24
pfefferz_I'll to beagle xm13:24
pfefferz_I'll do Beagle xM13:24
pfefferz_botao would you do Origen?13:24
bhojpfefferz_,  ill do panda and beagle xm. you do on beagle .13:24
pfefferz_everyone update https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-integrate-11.09-toolchain13:24
pfefferz_bhoj, right13:25
pfefferz_okay moving on13:25
pfefferz_while everyone is testing13:25
pfefferz_please test Ethernet as well13:25
pfefferz_it should be available on all targets, thanks mpoirier for porting ECM to our build (and thanks the x86  guys for the implementation)13:26
pfefferz_please file bugs on any targets that don't work13:26
pfefferz_ditto for ADB13:26
pabhishekdo we have some wiki's/info for ethernet test on different hardware's?13:26
pfefferz_pabhishek, no13:26
pfefferz_pabhishek, I'll write something up13:27
pfefferz_On the testing page13:27
pabhishekpfefferz_ :thanks13:27
pfefferz_pabhishek, then you can add it to your QA13:27
pfefferz_everyone cool testing Ethernet and ADB?13:27
pfefferz_moving on13:27
pfefferz_pfalcon, around?13:28
pfefferz_pfalcon, would you take a look at, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-automate-upstream-sync13:28
pfefferz_pfalcon, when you get this message ;)13:28
pfefferz_I've got to switch all the names of the builds over13:29
pfefferz_so expect to see all the names change13:29
pfefferz_I'll do it tonight (my tonight)13:29
pfefferz_so that it doesn't affect the team today13:29
pfefferz_any comments on the staging name change?13:30
* mansson_ like it13:30
pfefferz_okay, patrikryd https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-snowball-a-release13:31
pfefferz_just wanted to make sure that BP gets updated with the reduced scope13:31
pfefferz_like we talked about yesterday13:31
patrikrydI'll fix it13:31
pfefferz_patrikryd, thanks13:32
pfefferz_moving on13:32
pfefferz_I've got to write some stuff today about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-automate-upstream-sync13:32
pfefferz_I'll send out a link to the write up for comments13:33
pfefferz_last, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-move-gits-from-people13:33
pfefferz_I think this one can be marked done13:33
pfefferz_the gits that can move have been moved13:33
pfefferz_the WGs and LTs that are not aligned with us13:33
pfefferz_arn't moving theres13:33
pfefferz_at very least13:34
pfefferz_Tony's made a note about which ones haven't moved13:34
pfefferz_asac, are you cool with this?13:34
pfefferz_any other BPs people are concerned with13:36
pfefferz_Tony's going to go through everything and make sure Headlines and Acceptance criteria look good13:36
mansson_I will.13:37
pfefferz_just an aside13:37
pfefferz_you guys are all doing a really fantastic job13:38
pfefferz_we're really doing what we need to do13:38
pfefferz_the builds you guys are working on are awesome13:38
pfefferz_everything is working well13:38
pfefferz_and people inside and outside of Linaro definitely see the good job we're doing13:39
pfefferz_so thanks!13:39
pfefferz_#topic bugs!13:39
ubot2Ubuntu bug 825327 in linaro-android "Investigate apriori issues so as to enable prelink for Android" [Medium,New]13:39
pfefferz_chao is this going to be done by 11.09?13:39
cyangI will try my best but13:40
cyangI have some clue but still cannot find the root cause13:40
pfefferz_okay, keep at it13:40
cyangone of the weak reference was overwritten somehow13:40
cyangwhich cause the libgui crash13:40
cyangOK, I will13:41
pfefferz_do you have a PoC to send an email too?13:41
pfefferz_android-platform would be good13:41
pfefferz_maybe Ken from the toolchain group can help13:42
pfefferz_plus the author of the tool's email will be in the commit log13:42
pfefferz_so, take some time to collect the info, update the bug13:42
pfefferz_and send an email to everyone13:42
cyangcool, good point13:42
cyangget in touch with the tool author13:43
ubot2Ubuntu bug 819723 in linaro-android "Panda-LEB Build hangs on bringup sometimes" [Critical,Confirmed]13:43
pfefferz_bhoj, I think this may be fixed13:43
bhojI have not seen it recenlty .Andy has pushed Jassi's patch13:43
pfefferz_bhoj, have your Panda builds been coming up okay13:43
pfefferz_I'll move it to fixed release13:44
pfefferz_and list the latest build13:44
ubot2Ubuntu bug 851006 in linaro-landing-team-samsung "WiFi doesn't work on Android Origen " [Undecided,In progress]13:44
bhojAngus is trying to test wpa_supplicant with the kernel modules.13:44
pfefferz_I imagine that the Wifi integration will look a lot like it did on Panda botao_sun13:44
botao_sunIn progress.13:44
pfefferz_botao_sun, okay13:44
botao_sunI just got the latest patches from Angus yesterday.13:45
pfefferz_sounds like everyones doing what they need to do13:45
pfefferz_bhoj, thanks for lending a hand13:45
bhojnp :)13:45
botao_sunI'm not be 100% sure it will work, but looks it will work. ;)13:45
pfefferz_botao_sun, sure13:45
botao_sunI will apply those patches and drivers very soon.13:46
pfefferz_okay, any more comments on Bugs?13:46
beroOne thing (on bugs in general)...13:46
bhojbug 84564213:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 845642 in linaro-android "ADB does not work on beagle-11.09-release build 2" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84564213:46
beroIs there any way we can get email notifications when someone submits a new bug?13:46
pfefferz_bero, yes!13:46
pfefferz_go to https://launchpad.net/linaro-android13:47
pfefferz_and click on the link in the upper right that says Subscribe to bug mail13:47
pfefferz_#action, everyone should subscribe to bug mail13:47
pfefferz_good point bero13:47
pfefferz_bhoj, okay about ADB does not work on beagle-11.09-release build 2" [Critical,New]13:48
bhojpfefferz_, I have mentioned a work around for now.13:48
pfefferz_anything new or are you just wondering what we're going to do about it?13:48
pfefferz_bhoj, cool13:48
pfefferz_bhoj, let me look at the bug13:48
bhojpfefferz_, ok13:49
pfefferz_bhoj, okay, would you collect a little more info and send it out to the community?13:50
bhojpfefferz_, on the workaround ? OR on whats going wrong ?13:51
pfefferz_since that's our support network for beagle13:51
pfefferz_whats going wrong13:51
bhojpfefferz_, ok13:51
pfefferz_as a general guideline,13:51
pfefferz_people should feel free to post issues to the community13:51
pfefferz_for boards like beagle its our only line of support13:52
pfefferz_(thinking of Star Wars, Obi Wan, you're my only hope)13:52
pfefferz_okay anything else on bugs13:52
pfefferz_#topic Past Action Items13:53
pfefferz_looks like those are done13:53
pfefferz_any issues?13:53
pfefferz_#topic Tonys Officially our PM13:54
pfefferz_cool eh...13:54
mansson_Thanks for the cheers :)13:54
beromansson_: congratulations13:55
pfalconpfefferz_: it's blocked on AOSP down13:55
pfefferz_pfalcon, k, is that in the BP?13:55
pfefferz_#topic 4460 Builds are Available13:55
pfalconpfefferz_: have a look13:56
beroThat's good news, are 4460 boards also available? ;)13:56
pfefferz_So I've been quietly working on 446013:56
pfefferz_pfalcon, cool, thanks13:56
pfefferz_bero, we can get some, more will be available in a month13:57
mansson_Question: Do we now from now on treat that Manifest as any other staging-xxx.xml?13:57
pfefferz_the manifest is name staging-omap4460.xml13:57
pfefferz_at the request of TI13:57
pfefferz_the name may change13:57
pfefferz_mansson_, I'm not sure I understood your question13:58
mansson_But I mean all edits go in there too? It's official.13:58
pfefferz_mansson_, yeah13:58
pfefferz_all edits go there13:58
pfefferz_its a clone of default.xml13:58
pfefferz_with a omapzoom kernel13:59
* patrikryd is thinking about animals that are cuter than a beagle or a panda...13:59
pfefferz_#topic AOB?13:59
pfefferz_one minute left13:59
beropatrikryd: Let's wait if omap4460 is any good ;) If it isn't, we may want to name it Mosquitoboard ;)13:59
pfefferz_bero, hahaha14:00
beroJust a heads up: I'm moving, probably either tonight or tomorrow14:00
pfefferz_bero, its comes up very fast14:00
beroSo I might not be around as much as usual14:00
pfefferz_bero, like 3 seconds to Android14:00
pfefferz_bero, cool, thanks for the heads up14:00
beroMy DSL line in the new place is supposed to be installed already, but you never know in how many ways the telcos mess up ;)14:00
bero3 seconds sounds great14:00
pfefferz_it crashes frequently14:00
pfefferz_due to multicore issues14:01
pfefferz_thanks everyone14:01
linarobotMeeting ended Wed Sep 21 14:01:37 2011 UTC.14:01
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pfefferz_TOny would you post everything?14:01
mansson_As always.14:01
pfefferz_Thank you14:01
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