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dsaxenashawnguo, ping, around?15:50
shawnguodsaxena: pong15:56
dmartdsaxena: meeting?16:00
dsaxenashawnguo, wanted to sync up with you about your review and a 1:1, let's plan on something tomorrow morning my time?16:01
shawnguodsaxena: ok, what's your time you prefer?16:02
shawnguodsaxena: what about the meeting time?  your 8:00 am, my 11:pm.  otherwise, let me know the time you call.  I'm heading to bed.16:08
dsaxenashawnguo, 8am my time works16:09
dsaxenahave a good night!16:09
ukleinekshawnguo: really did I intend to fix the constants in fec.c?18:09
dsaxenapfefferz_, jstultz_vm ... breaking up badly on my end :(19:05
dsaxenareduced the gain on my mic :)19:26
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  yea, that helped quite a bit!19:27
shawnguoukleinek: I got an impression that you want to get rid of those magic numbers when you review imx28 fec drivers.  But, I'm sorry if you did not intend to :)23:22

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