pfefferzall I see is: Texas Instruments X-Loader 1.5.1 (Aug 26 2011 - 14:45:39)00:00
pfefferzReading boot sector00:00
pfefferzLoading u-boot.bin from mmc00:00
pfefferzthen nothing00:00
pfefferzhave you seen this?00:00
CcSsNETyou looking at serial access?00:20
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ZeZumkedwards, fyi both busybox and flex still have the same behaviour using arm-cortex_a9-* sample modified {ZLIP,BZIP2}_TARGET/VERSION set, using --prefix and built in a subdirectory01:26
mkedwardsZeZu: I will attack this by Monday if not sooner01:31
mkedwardsbzip2 is a rather recent addition01:32
rsalvetipfefferz: could be because of the SPL support, if you're building u-boot-linaro from trunk01:38
rsalvetiSPL replaces x-loader01:38
jcrigbyrsalveti, pfefferz, we need something to remind us not to break android when we do things like this or maybe a separate android branch01:40
ZeZumkedwards, not a big deal just letting you know, trying one last thing (removing a modification) and if that fails i'm just adding the ac_* vars to env in 100-flex.sh for target build01:46
mkedwardsyou definitely want that config.cache01:53
mkedwardsit seeds an assortment of things that can't be cross-configured01:53
mkedwardshmm, maybe it has to be put in .config.cache.in?01:55
mkedwardsI forget whether I put the sed step in ct-ng or in the outer script01:55
mkedwardsprobably in ct-ng01:55
mkedwardsplease try putting it in .config.cache.in and seeing if it helps01:55
ZeZuwhere is .config.cache.in located? 02:08
ZeZu( IE: it is supposed to exist already? it does not here )02:09
pfefferzjcrigby, are reminder is that it doesn't boot typically02:21
jcrigbypfefferz, :)02:25
jcrigbywith the latest but only for omap4 MLO comes from u-boot 02:25
jcrigbyunfortuneately the MLO-u-boot interface changes02:25
jcrigbyso you need to use the new MLO file and u-boot.img from u-boot02:26
pfefferzjcrigby, sure...so which tip should we be tracking02:28
jcrigbymaster for now, bero had build trouble with the other branches.  It is a long story but upstream is broken when using O= on imx targets so I revert a patch that broke that.  But with that removed bero's build breaks02:31
jcrigbyso I left master in a state that worked for bero (at least builds)02:31
pfefferzfor bero for Panda?02:32
jcrigbyI have no clue, he just mentioned that I broke him when I fixed the build for O= for me02:33
jcrigbyhe must have been building imx to see the error02:33
jcrigbyso I reverted my reversion and left the master untouched after that02:34
jcrigbyI gather there are multiple android builds going on?02:35
pfefferzyeah...let me see what we're building02:39
pfefferz<remote name="linaro-other" fetch="git://git.linaro.org/"/>02:41
pfefferz<project path="u-boot" name="boot/u-boot-linaro-stable" revision="master" remote="linaro-other"/>02:41
pfefferzand <remote name="gitorious" fetch="git://gitorious.org/"/>02:41
pfefferz<project path="device/linaro/x-loader" name="x-loader/x-loader" revision="master" remote="gitorious"/>02:41
pfefferzso we're building x-loader from gitorious 02:41
pfefferzand u-boot from git.linaro.org02:41
pfefferzthat doesn't seem good02:42
ZeZuand i'm guessing thats the problem, somehow the config.cache ends up being empty ... 03:09
rsalvetijcrigby: yeah, wasn't worried with android because I still don't know if they are using u-boot-linaro 03:54
rsalvetibut yes, we need to sync with them more in the future03:54
Dingo_ausHi all, anyone else getting an error with linaro-media-create along the lines of "Partitions have been written, but we have been unable to inform the kernel..."?04:54
ZeZulibjpeg-turbo uses vswpeq which the assembler doesn't care for ...07:00
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mruwtf, vswp can't be conditional10:39
mrubah, he left10:40
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