loolSteveMcIntyre: I'll be on leave next week and I'm not sure anybody else than me is moderating cross-distro@; would you like to help me with this?10:12
SteveMcIntyresure, np10:13
loolSteveMcIntyre: thanks10:29
markos_SteveMcIntyre, iirc, you mentioned someone working on armhf/mono, any updates on that? now that openjdk is fixed, only gnat and mono remain as far as important compilers go12:32
SteveMcIntyremarkos_: last I heard it built fine, but not sure12:42
SteveMcIntyreit's Jo Shields, directhex on oftc at least12:42
markos_I tried it many months ago but it broke, I'll take a look at it again12:42
* SteveMcIntyre heads home to start fabricating things12:42
markos_SteveMcIntyre, what's the schedule for setting up the buildds?12:44
SteveMcIntyremarkos_: I'm hoping to get the buildds installed in ARM either this week or next16:23

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