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asacbotao_sun: hi07:10
asacbotao_sun: did angus get in touch with you?07:11
botao_sunasac: Yes. we discussed something about Samsung Origen yesterday.07:11
asacbotao_sun: he says that the manifest is pulling in the wrong kernel07:12
botao_sunasac: On the IRC07:12
asacbug 83238907:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 832389 in Linaro Android "Origen build includes out of date kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83238907:12
botao_sunasac: I have updated that bug with comments.07:12
asacbotao_sun: well. so07:13
botao_sunasac: He had a new kernel 3.0.3 with some improvements.07:13
asacangus claims that we shouldnt release with the current kernel07:13
fabobotao_sun: did Angus agreed with the decision?07:13
asacyou moved the milestone forward; though he asked for a landing07:13
botao_sunasac: But he told me this in the morning of yesterday, so I don't have the time to update to do a release again.07:13
botao_sunasac: No I just made this decision with sachin07:14
asacbotao_sun: ok so first time he mentioned that there is a kernel was yesterday07:14
asacso if thats the case i agree07:15
botao_sunasac: yes, 01:21 am, 23rd August 2011 . (UTC+8)07:15
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asacbotao_sun: and it was never mentioned before that they might want a new kernel?07:16
botao_sunasac: He seems in a vacation in these days, and his team made these improvements. So after he came back, then sent the results to me.07:17
botao_sunasac: Email forwarded to you. That the first email I received about his kernel and feature updates.07:17
asacbotao_sun: ok. well. that mail doesnt say much though07:18
botao_sunasac: Yes, I discussed with him on the IRC for a while and then he sent me that first email.07:18
botao_sunasac: Actually, the RC build I created was before the 00:00 23rd August, so his updates were just too late.07:19
asacbotao_sun: i agree with you on that.07:20
asacbotao_sun: what i am just trying to find out is why there was a kernel that you didnt know about07:20
asacbotao_sun: anyway, so whats the improvements that his kernel gives us?07:21
botao_sunasac: Because the landing team and I don't have a "tight" connection on it. Usually, when I have some problems or questions, I will send email to them or try to catch them on the IRC. But when they update something, if I don't send email to ask, they won't send the information to me. So I think I should send email to them more frequently in future.07:22
botao_sunasac: Second email sent, about the improvements.07:23
asacbotao_sun: ok. can you move our tip build to the new kernel?07:25
asacbotao_sun: imo if that goes well we might consider to move it to -release branch one last time07:25
botao_sunasac: OK, I will do it now.07:25
asacbotao_sun: kernel and u-boot07:25
asacbotao_sun: just update the manifest ... and submit it through gerrit to the tip build07:25
asacthen we will see07:25
botao_sunasac: OK07:26
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pfalconHi guys!07:37
pfalconWe're short of disk space on the build server07:37
pfalconSo, I'm going to prune oldest of (personal) builds done before RC07:37
pfalconIf you need each and every of your build still, and don't want them touched, please reply ;-)07:38
asacwe want far more space07:40
asacand a plan how we can add more space without remounting ;)07:40
asachow many gigs do we have?07:41
pfalconasac: 3007:41
botao_sunasac: add you as a reviewer, please approve it.07:45
Nirvana111My friends game is looking for beta testers if anyone is interested07:46
Nirvana111it should be coming out soon07:46
asacpfalcon: thats $3 a month07:46
asacwe should get 30007:46
botao_sunbero: ping07:46
pfalconasac: cool. 100 should be ok then07:47
botao_sunfgiff: ping07:47
asacbotao_sun: thats not a merge request for the tip build07:47
asacbotao_sun: i want this build to land on tip07:47
pfalcon300 would just hide problem of need to maintain that disk space well07:47
fgiffbotao_sun: pong07:48
botao_sunasac: What do you mean "on the tip"? You mean I shouldn't create a official build?07:48
asacbotao_sun: there is leb-origen07:49
asacand leb-origin-11.08-release07:49
asacbotao_sun: first: land this on the leb-origen07:49
asacthats the tip build07:49
asacthats wrong07:50
asacthats all wrong07:50
botao_sunasac: Yes, but for the leb-origen, the manifest is also comes from branch linaro-android-11.08-release07:50
asacyou work on the -release branch07:50
asacthats wrong07:50
asacyou have to work on the branch that everybody else is working on as tip07:50
asacwe cannot get any changes in if we dont have a proper tip build07:50
asacyou are not even supposed to push anything without having a valid tip build07:51
asacthe process is:07:51
asacpush to tip branch07:51
asacif build succeeds and is validated take the pinned-manifest and put that on the -release branch07:51
asacnever manually poke the pinned manifest07:51
botao_sunasac: I haven't created my own manifest branch on the git, I planned to do it yesterday, but no time, I will do it today.07:51
asacbotao_sun: you dont need your own manifest branch07:51
asacbotao_sun: you use the tip manifest branch we use for every other build07:52
asacthats the branch you must land everything07:52
asacplease redo07:52
asacthere already is a LEB-origen.xmk07:52
botao_sunasac: OK, let me redo it.07:53
asacbotao_sun: can you please double check what changes you did on release branch didnt go to the tip branch?07:54
asaci am scared that this is now a mess07:54
asacis the tip manifest the most recent one?07:54
botao_sunasac: hold on07:54
asachttp://android.git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=platform/manifest.git;a=commit;h=9626c9f66ceea10725be145b02a4575960321015 -> this commit must never happen if you dont take the manifest from a tip build07:55
asacyou must never upgrade the commit id by hand07:55
asacexcept in reall rere cases07:55
asacit talks about:07:55
asac2. pinned-manifest.xml from:07:55
asaci dont understand that07:56
asacthe release build never produces pinned-manifests07:56
asacthat would be useful ... because the release branch always builds from a pinned manifest07:56
asacand the commit before did the right thing:07:56
asacpinned-manifest.xml from:07:56
asachowever: your leb-origen builds from the -release branch as well, so that makes absolutely no sense either07:57
asacmy understanding is that we have to redo everything07:57
asacthe release wasnt done properly and we have no way to find out how it was done07:57
asacso: a) move tip build back to the real tip branch07:58
asac-> spin it07:58
asac-> validate it07:58
asac-> replace the release manifest on the release branch07:58
asac-> validate it07:58
asacthe n we have a good known build07:58
asacsecond step07:58
asac-> update tip manifest to proper kernel and u-boot tree07:58
asac-> sin it07:58
asac-> validate it07:58
asac-> replace releas manifest on release branch07:58
asac-> respin/validate07:59
asacbero: same for you. your release build was not done from a proper tip build07:59
asacplease ensure that everything that lands on release branch is coming from an official tip build and not from some berolinux build08:00
botao_sunasac: the initial pinned-manifest.xml of my leb-origen build comes from here" https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~mathieu.poirier/origen-2.3.4/08:01
asacbotao_sun: thats not valid either08:01
botao_sunasac: then I launched the build in "my-build" section.08:01
asacbotao_sun: all this needs to be redone. you have to get a tip build going08:01
asacbotao_sun: the official leb-origen build is your tip biuld08:01
asaceverythign that goes to releas has to go through there08:01
botao_sunasac: then I test it and merged it to the release branch.08:01
asacyes, thats wrong process08:02
botao_sunasac: OK08:02
asacno way to have real accounting08:02
asacnow we dotn know if everything has landed on our tip branch at all08:02
asacand most likely hasnt08:02
asacits the same for bero imx53 .... but i know he didnt have a release branch (which is bad enough now that i think about it)08:03
botao_sunasac: Well we should really need a training about how to integrate the things in Linaro build process.08:03
botao_sunasac: I'm going to redo them now.08:03
asacbotao_sun: i moved leb-oirgen to linaro-android-11.08-release08:03
asacerr to08:04
beroasac: Actually we do have a release branch for imx53, it just happens to live in ~berolinux in the build system. I can just move it over08:04
asacbero: yes, but seems we have no real tip branch08:04
berogit branch is linaro-android-11.08-release as w/ everything else08:04
asacbero: was the  ~berolinux build produced from linaro_android_2.3.5 ?08:04
asacbero: if so thats ok08:04
berotip branch is linaro-master for most components, linaro-android-2.3.5 for the others08:04
asacif not its wrong08:04
beroasac: yes08:04
asacbero: ok08:04
asacso yeah then you are kind of ok ;)08:04
asacexcept that the pinned manifest was taken from a build that might get garbage collected ;)08:05
beroThis is the build config for the build that created the pinned-manifest.xml:08:05
asacbero: linaro-master is wrong btw. we are still rebasing08:05
asacbero: i think only for toolchain linaro-master is used08:05
asacbero: thta looks sane08:06
asacpfalcon: can we rename builds?08:06
beroYes, linaro-master is for the toolchain parts08:06
asacthats fine08:06
asacbotao_sun: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-origen/#4 was started with the right tip branch08:07
asacbotao_sun: ensure that the build there exactly looks like the build you want to release08:07
asacbotao_sun: replay the steps to the current release build first08:07
asacand if that build is good, the pinned-manifest is taken and copied to the -release branch08:08
botao_sunasac: you picked the linaro_android_2.3.5 branch.08:09
asacbotao_sun: thats right08:09
botao_sunasac: I'm not sure it works.08:09
asacbotao_sun: thats the tip bbranch08:09
asacbotao_sun: right and thats the mistake08:09
botao_sunasac: Too many updates there.08:09
asacbotao_sun: you should always make that branch work08:09
asacbotao_sun: thats a problem then. we dont have a release if our releas is not based off that branch08:10
asacwe dont want to release something random08:10
asacwe want to release that branch08:10
botao_sunasac: OK, so everytime I pick the latest branch for leb-origen build, if it works then I copy the pinned manifest to the release branch.08:10
asacthats correct08:10
asacso first task is: a) bring linaro_android_2.3.5 in a state that is working08:11
botao_sunasac: tell other team members to check this. I'm not sure about the others build is correct for the process.08:11
asacbotao_sun: panda is correct08:11
asacand we checked imx5308:11
asacthats correct as well (though a bit messed up on how bero used the build names)08:12
botao_sunasac: OK08:12
asacsnowball seems to be done correct as well08:13
asacexcept that it merges release manifests08:13
asacyeah snowball is fine08:13
asacexcept that he took the pinned manifest from his private build08:14
asacbut its tracking same branch as the leb-snowball08:14
botao_sunasac: Thanks goodness I have't updated my busybox branch to the manifest 2.3.5, otherwise it will be failed definitely.08:15
botao_sunasac: I'm working on it.08:15
asacbotao_sun: consider the linaro_android_2.3.5 your release branch08:15
botao_sunasac: debugging08:15
asacthats what you work on ... nothing else08:15
botao_sunasac: we have around 32 hours left, I think it's OK.08:16
asacbotao_sun: i think first step is to get to the same stage we are now (e.g. mpoirier kernel etc.)08:17
asacand then if thats fine move to angus08:17
asacotherwise we run the risk of sitting there with nohthing ;)08:17
asacok i enabled https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-origen/ to be built daily08:18
botao_sunasac: "move to angus"? You mean integrate angus updates?08:18
asacpfalcon: can we rename builds? beros imx53 build is in fact the imx53-11.08-relesae build08:18
asacbotao_sun: yes. but thats second step08:18
asac(though it was the step that triggered looking at this)08:18
botao_sunasac: understood08:18
asacpfalcon: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-imx53/ -> https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-imx53-11.08-release/08:19
asacpfalcon:  https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~berolinux/imx53-linaro-gcc-4.6/ -> https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-imx53/08:20
asacpfalcon: let me know in case tht works08:20
asacotherwise dont bother08:20
asacbotao_sun: thanks!08:23
pfalconasac: yes, we can rename08:26
botao_sunasac: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-origen/#build=4 is missing!08:27
botao_sunasac: You delete it?08:27
pfalconasac: but there's already leb-imx53 job, what to do about it?08:27
asacpfalcon: the leb-imx53 is actually the -release build08:28
asacpfalcon: but now that you say ... i think we should copy that job08:28
asacand just change the brnach on leb-imx5308:28
pfalconasac: ah, ok. will rename in some08:28
asacbecause we reference RC builds08:28
asacpfalcon: please dont rename ;) ... i changed my mind because we reference a release build from it08:28
pfalconasac: ok ;-)08:29
botao_sunasac: I will launch the leb-origen build again by myself.08:29
asacpfalcon: at best we could create a copy of leb-imx53 to leb-imx53-11.08-release08:29
asacbotao_sun: thats odd indeed.08:29
pfalconasac: let me know if something will  need to be renamed still. (or you can to that yourself in jenkins -> job -> configure in case...)08:29
asacpfalcon: no need. a copy would be great if thats possible08:30
botao_sunasac: when you set it as daily build, it may break something in the system.08:30
asaccould be08:30
pfalconasac: to copy a job config is easy. to copy build artifacts, etc. is possible, but on low FS level08:30
asacpfalcon: ? any idea why job 4 hsa disappeared for leb-origen?08:30
asacbotao_sun: anyway, just go ahead and "build now" ;)08:31
botao_sunasac: hold on, I will modify a thing08:31
asacpfalcon: ok dont bother about mx5308:31
botao_sunasac: I will do it by myself.08:31
asacthats what i meant08:31
asacok getting breakfast ... will be back in 30 or so08:32
pfalconasac: no idea about build disappearance. when was it done?08:58
pfalconbotao_sun: ^^08:59
botao_sunpfalcon: Hi08:59
pfalconbotao_sun: so, what's up with that #4, can you just make a new build?09:07
botao_sunpfalcon: The new build is already running.09:13
fgiffpfalcon: I'm using gerrit-bot to start builds on android-build, but there's a problem...10:17
fgiffI'm posting the build config I want to ..../buildWithParameters but I just get a build with the defaults.10:17
pfalconfgiff: do you post actual values for params, as docs describe?10:18
fgiffI'm posting url encoded values, e.g. it starts: MANIFEST_REPO=git%3A%2F%2Fandroid.git.linaro.org%2Fplatform%2Fmanifest.git&TARGET_SIMULATOR=false&TAR10:19
pfalconfgiff: oops, there's no such stuff at all ;-). Entire build config, as text, is being base64-encoded and used as value of "CONFIG" jenkins job param.10:22
pfalconfgiff: e.g.: https://android-build.linaro.org/jenkins/job/fgiff_latest-panda/11/parameters/?10:23
fgiffpfalcon: OK, I see. Thanks.10:24
botao_sunpatrikryd: ping11:38
botao_sunpatrikryd: Did you do this "Move LEB-Origen to 2.3.5: DONE"?11:39
patrikrydbotao_sun, I think so.12:16
botao_sunpatrikryd: my RC build actually is based on the 2.3.4. :(12:17
botao_sunpatrikryd: I'm rebuilding the 2.3.5 now, but continuously failed.12:17
patrikrydbotao_sun, ok. It was the manifest for the linaro_android_2.3.5 that was updated.12:17
botao_sunpatrikryd: Yes, I build the code from 2.3.5 now, and add landing team's updates, but failed.12:18
* patrikryd checking build server...12:18
botao_sunpatrikryd: This is the latest failed log: https://android-build.linaro.org/jenkins/job/linaro-android_leb-origen/8/consoleText12:19
patrikrydbotao_sun, ok I know what the problem is...12:20
patrikrydbotao_sun, Does the Origen use MLO (like panda and beagle)?12:20
botao_sunpatrikryd: No idea.12:21
botao_sunpatrikryd: Nobody told me this.12:21
patrikrydI think MLO is TI specific12:21
patrikrydWe had the same build problem for Snowball.12:21
patrikrydLook at http://review.android.git.linaro.org/10912:21
patrikrydToo much copy and paste in the board config files.12:22
patrikrydWe did not see the problem until we started to build MLO from source.12:23
botao_sunpatrikryd: Hold on.12:23
botao_sunpatrikryd: See this: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,11112:23
patrikrydbotao_sun,  That should solve the problem. Is that patch in build 8?12:25
patrikrydbotao_sun, Actually... The line XLOADER_BINARY := out/target/product/origen/obj/u-boot/mmc_spl/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin should also be removed.12:26
botao_sunpatrikryd: Hold on, there is a tricky.12:26
botao_sunpatrikryd: for the LEB-origen.xml, there is an update comes from Angus: <project path="device/linaro/origen" name="people/angus/samsung-device" revision="origen" remote="linaro-other" />12:27
botao_sunpatrikryd: I'm not sure this item will affect that change or not.12:27
botao_sunpatrikryd: Angus asks me to add this update.12:28
berobotao_sun: Angus' BoardConfig.mk still says TARGET_USE_XLOADER := true -- either he needs to fix it or you need to use a different BoardConfig.mk12:29
botao_sunbero: Jesus!12:30
botao_sunbero: How did he generated a build successfully? God!12:30
patrikrydbotao_sun, bero We need to fix it if we want build to succeed.12:30
botao_sunbero: let's fix it, now!12:30
patrikrydHe did not have the change from mannsson. :)12:31
berobotao_sun: It worked for him because his branch doesn't do the "build MLO from source" bits12:31
botao_sunbero: Oh!12:31
botao_sunbero: so what should I do now?12:31
berobotao_sun: I'm currently fixing it, merging Angus' other changes into the "normal" origen tree12:32
patrikrydThe flag  TARGET_USE_XLOADER used to mean should we copy MLO12:32
patrikrydNow it means should we build MLO (called xloader when source)12:32
botao_sunbero: COOL! Then send me the replacement item. I don't know how to do it because Angus may has his other updates...12:33
ericm|ubuntupanda|x201, bero, cool - you both are here? how's the bugs being communicated?12:33
patrikrydmansson_, Hej!12:34
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, hi12:34
patrikrydmansson_, We just found an other build problem when building MLO from source.12:34
botao_sunericm|ubuntu: Hi12:34
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, you are working late dude :-)12:34
patrikrydmansson_, bero is solving it for origen12:35
botao_sunericm|ubuntu: I'm going to be driven crazy...12:35
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, yeah - having a lot fun?12:35
patrikrydmansson_, Same problem as for Snowball.12:35
botao_sunericm|ubuntu: a lot errors/12:35
panda|x201em ... bero, how are yuo12:35
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, hey - have fun then12:36
botao_sunericm|ubuntu: haha12:36
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, is that Oregon you are working on?12:36
botao_sunericm|ubuntu: currently, yes12:36
ericm|ubuntubotao_sun, cool12:36
mansson_what's the problem? No other boards than Panda and Beagle should be involved in this BP. Snowball does not build x-loader AFAIK. Have I made any wrong assumptions?12:40
berobotao_sun: This should fix it: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,116 (Don't forget to change the manifest back to getting devices/linaro/origen from there again)12:40
berohi panda|x201, ericm|ubuntu12:40
beropanda|x201: Fine, and you?12:40
ericm|ubuntubero, hi12:40
ericm|ubuntubero, any update on the bugs?12:40
beroericm|ubuntu: No, I've been busy w/ other things (primarily toolchain) over the last 2 weeks, so unless you have some good news....12:41
botao_sunbero: change 116 merged.12:41
ericm|ubuntubero, nah - probably not :-)12:41
berobotao_sun: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,117 <-- Manifest change that goes with it12:43
botao_sunbero: change 117 merged.12:44
beroericm|ubuntu: panda|x201: I'd be glad if you guys could take a look at the graphics driver, that's the last really disturbing iMX53 bug, everything else is lower priority given workarounds exist12:44
ericm|ubuntubero, is this the screen flashing issue?12:45
beroericm|ubuntu: panda|x201: I'll look into it myself once the other stuff is out of the way, but maybe you can beat me to it ;)12:45
beroericm|ubuntu: yes, screen going black every time something changes12:45
ericm|ubuntubero, we know you are a beast - we can wait :-)12:45
ericm|ubuntubero, yeah - I remember that weird bug12:45
berobotao_sun: Then a new build should work12:45
ericm|ubuntupanda|x201, did you reproduce?12:46
panda|x201em, let's wait ...12:46
botao_sunbero: new build is running.12:47
* patrikryd needs some coffee before the meeting12:47
beroericm|ubuntu: panda|x201: Do you have any mx53 builds based on newer kernels yet? If we're lucky, the problem has already been fixed upstream...12:57
ericm|ubuntubero, by newer kernel you mean v3.0 or v3.1? can you point me the link to the upstream fix?12:57
panda|x201bero, well, for 2.6.38, we don't have any new kernel, and for upstream kernel, still very risky12:57
beroericm|ubuntu: I wasn't saying there was an upstream fix - just wondering if you have e.g. 3.0/3.1 builds already so we could run a quick check to see if someone fixed it. Not terribly likely, but one can hope ;)12:58
ericm|ubuntubero, I see13:00
ericm|ubuntubero, possibly it's the system being stuck somewhere for a long time - even blocking the screen refresh, which is likely a framebuffer PAN (flip) operation13:01
ericm|ubuntubero, but I guess it's better for panda|x201 to reproduce that at his end firstly13:01
ericm|ubuntubero, where's the SD card image that we were using last time?13:01
ericm|ubuntubero, or any newer binaries that we can use?13:02
beroThe error messages look like somehow the display keeps getting initialized over and over again13:02
beroI'm not sure what image we used last time13:02
beroThe latest binaries are at13:02
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doanacbero: I've run the follow android toolchain benchmarks on 4.6:  default options, -O3, and graphite. would it be worth benchmarking -O3 *and* graphite together?14:17
berodoanac: Certainly, that's probably the most interesting bit14:18
doanacokay thanks14:18
asacbotao_sun: things going well?14:23
botao_sunasac: a lot of errors14:24
botao_sunasac: bero and I are working on it.14:24
asacbotao_sun: at what stage are you?14:24
asacruntime errors or build?14:24
botao_sunasac: I'm trying to create a 2.3.5 build.14:24
asacbut that shouldnt be really difficult14:24
botao_sunasac: build.14:24
sjhill_anyone having trouble pulling repo for 11.08 and panda14:24
sjhill_CosmicPenguin: yo14:24
asacif you have ever worked on the right branch14:24
botao_sunasac: related to kernel14:24
asacfor kernel: start with the one we used and only if tha tworks move to angus14:25
botao_sunasac: the previous works kernel is my RC build.14:25
botao_sunasac: That is 3.0.014:26
berobotao_sun: Got to catch the bus, but I'll be back to look into the remaining errors in an hour or so14:26
berobotao_sun: One fix (from Angus, with a slight modification) submitted, check your mail14:26
botao_sunasac: then I switch to Angus kernel 3.0.3, then failed with build errors.14:26
botao_sunbero: OK, you finally caught the bus!14:26
asacbotao_sun: i mentioned you should do two steps14:27
asacone setp: get 2.3.5 build14:28
asacif thats good, move to angus14:28
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botao_sunasac: That's not good, 2.3.514:28
asacif you have a good 2.3.5 build with the old kernel then thats good and just continue14:28
botao_sunasac: 2.3.5 build failed either14:28
asacfirst move to the right 2.3.514:28
asacwithout moving to angus14:28
asacthat would have been easy14:28
asacanyway, seems you are on it14:29
botao_sunasac: Bero and I have integrated the changes of Angus to 2.3.5, for many files, such like Boardconfig and so on. Otherwise, they won't work.14:29
asacplease dont try to do two steps14:29
asacno thats not true14:29
asacfirst you could have fixed 2.3.5 leb-origen build14:29
asacto be using hte same kernel as your rc14:30
asacwell i see14:30
asacseems its a supermess14:30
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asacnobody knows what was in the RC14:30
botao_sunasac: If I want to fix the 2.3.5, I have to integrate Angus changes, because those changes are for the build failed fix.14:30
asacwhich is the reason why we need to redo14:30
asacbotao_sun: sure. as long as you dont talk about angus kernel thats right14:30
asacbut this should have landed on 2.3.5 branch anyway14:31
asaci am not sure where it landed14:31
asaci think the problem is to find what he changed14:31
asacif you just have a pinned manifest thats not really easy to do14:31
botao_sunasac: check the branch 2.3.5 and search angus as keyword in the manifest.14:32
asac+  <project path="device/linaro/origen" name="people/angus/samsung-device" revision="origen" remote="linaro-other" />14:33
asacthats wrong14:33
asacwe have to get his stuff into our origen device14:33
asacwe dont want to reference origen branch14:35
asacthat has to go into the 2.3.5 branch there14:35
asacanyway... this manifest doesnt build still?14:35
asacbero: botao_sun: so whatever you do its importnat that people/angus/samsung-device goes away ... and that we have his changes on our 2.3.5 device/linaro/origen tree14:37
botao_sunasac: It has been changed to <project path="device/linaro/origen" name="device/linaro/origen" revision="linaro_android_2.3.5" remote="linaro-android" />"14:38
botao_sunasac: Update your repository.14:38
botao_sunasac: The updates are very frequently now.14:39
asacbotao_sun: i loaded the git a few seconds ago14:39
asaci will shut up then14:40
botao_sunasac: So that item should not be there anymore.14:40
botao_sunasac: what "kk" means?14:40
botao_sunasac: I see it many times.14:40
asacok ok14:41
asacthats kk14:41
botao_sunasac: OK OK14:41
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mpoiriermansson_: ping15:36
botao_sunbero: ping15:48
botao_sunbero: ping15:53
sjhill_Fetching projects:  95% (160/168)  remote: fatal: failed to read object c0f30688df7152202b032f5809b6b52d842ae09f: Invalid argument16:01
sjhill_remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.16:01
sjhill_fatal: protocol error: bad pack header16:01
sjhill_error: Cannot fetch platform/sdk16:01
sjhill_11.08 release16:01
mpoiriermansson_: cool16:03
mpoiriermansson_: back and all yours.16:04
mpoiriermansson_: quick question.16:04
mpoirierfor snowball, is the startupfile .deb precompiled and hosted on igloocommunity ?16:05
mansson_mpoirier: Hm. The deb is in the h/w pack so the question is do we have ready-to-go h/w packs?16:07
mpoiriermansson_: let me take a look...16:08
mpoiriermansson_: let me reformulate.16:08
mpoiriermansson_: consider this: http://www.igloocommunity.org/gitweb/?p=bsp/startupfiles.git;a=summary16:08
mpoiriermansson_: this is used to build the startupfile.deb found in the hwpack.16:09
mansson_Yes, that's the idea.16:09
mpoiriermansson_: when linaro creates the hwpack,16:10
mpoiriermansson_: does it build the startupfile.deb or it takes it from igloocommunity somewhere ?16:10
mansson_Not sure what "linaro creates the hwpack" means. I remember lag rummaging about with this but the purpose was unclear to me.16:11
mpoiriermansson_: linaro creates a hwpack for snowball on a daily basis.16:12
mpoiriermansson_: I'm on a witch hunt... I want to know if there is a startupfile.deb hosted somewhere on igloocommunity.16:12
mpoiriermansson_: if not than it means linaro clones bsp/startupfiles.git  and builds the startupfile.deb locally.16:13
mansson_If you click at the aforementioned igloo tar.bz you will see that it contains a startupfiles....deb16:14
mpoiriermansson_: understood.  Is there some other place where that .deb would be hosted ? i.e not part of the tar.gz ?16:15
mansson_well I can't find any startupfiles on git.linaro.org if thatÅ› what you mean..16:15
mpoirieron igloocommunity, could there be some other public place where that .deb file would be hosted ?  Again, outside of the tar.gz.16:16
mpoirierof course, that you know of...16:17
mansson_No, not publicly. Possibly in the git-private area. I am pretty sure of that because we need the click-threoug license for binaries.16:18
mpoiriermansson_: ok very well, thanks for your input.16:19
mansson_Why this intrest in witches?16:19
botao_sunbero: ping16:19
sjhill_Syncing work tree:  95% (160/168)  error: revision refs/tags/android-2.3.4_r1 in platform/sdk not found16:21
sjhill_who do i talk to about this?16:21
botao_sunbero: welcome back16:31
botao_sunbero|3: welcome back16:31
botao_sunbero, bero|3: Check your email.16:31
bero|3botao_sun: Really back now16:41
bero|3botao_sun: I think I've fixed the latest Origen build issue, review request should be in your mail16:42
* bero|3 looks into ffmpeg again16:44
botao_sunbero|3: I find it, but it seems conflict with Angus sent to me, should I apply it?16:48
asaci dont understand what the problem is16:51
asacwhy not start from scratch16:51
asacthe origen build seems to be completely messed up16:51
asacstart from scratch16:51
asacfrom leb-panda16:51
asac-> that will build16:51
asacreplace kernel16:51
asacstart from panda device/...16:51
asacthat will work16:51
asacadd one or two lines you need16:51
bero|3botao_sun: What did Angus send you? I didn't see a patch for this from him16:54
bero|3asac: That may be a good plan16:54
* bero|3 checks just how different the origen and panda builds are16:55
botao_sunasac: Angus just told me that I may can use 2.3.4 and just replace the kernel to his.16:55
asaci think its screwed because noone did the brnaches properly16:55
asacbotao_sun: 2.3.4 will not be released16:56
asacthe fact that we had a 2.3.4 build submitted as candidate is depressing enough16:56
asac2.3.5 is all that counts16:56
asaceverything else is not release material16:56
bero|3asac: "diff -u LEB-panda.xml LEB-origen.xml" in linaro_android_2.3.5 branch already looks right16:58
asacand even for 2.3.4 we didnt have a real built16:58
asacwe had a random manifest build16:58
asacwith random commit ids16:58
asaci didnt see a working tip build16:58
asacbero|3: sure, so next is: kill the whole device/linaro/origen directory16:58
asacstart from the panda directory16:59
asacjust do the minimal amount of changes16:59
botao_sunasac: OK, you mean we totally kick out the 2.3.4 from now on.16:59
bero|3asac: "diff -urN --exclude .git pandaboard origen" also looks right w/ the latest change17:00
asaci dont understand why you are talking about 2.3.4 at all17:00
asacthere is no 2.3.4 build for origen either17:00
asacall i see is a randomly pinned manifest17:00
asacthat might be anything17:00
asacbero|3: so does it build?17:00
asacbero|3: how does it look like?17:00
bero|3asac: It should build now that http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,119 is in, I think the libaudio bit was the last missing piece17:01
bero|3I'd be surprised if the build w/ that failed, unless it's a build error in the kernel, or in the special version of u-boot origen seems to use17:02
bero|3asac: Basic changes in the diff:17:02
asacwell lets try17:02
bero|3- custom init.rc that closely resembles the one in ../common17:03
bero|3- BoardConfig.mk adapted to board specifics17:03
bero|3- device.mk name changes (pandaboard -> origen)17:03
bero|3- init.omap4430.rc: removed17:03
asacbero|3: did you kick off the build?17:03
bero|3I didn't, but probably botao_sun did17:04
bero|3botao_sun: did you?17:04
botao_sun6 minutes ago17:05
asacok i am out for ~1h17:05
asaclets cross fingers17:05
bero|3botao_sun: There's another bug in the Origen BoardConfig.mk - AFAIK Origen is dual-core, but it doesn't set TARGET_CPU_SMP := true17:06
bero|3botao_sun: Shouldn't break the build though, so let's fix that AFTER we have a build17:06
botao_sunasac: OK, I will work with bero.17:06
botao_sunbero|3: no problem.17:07
botao_sunbero|3: I also synced the 2.3.5 code to the Hack Box17:07
botao_sunbero|3: So if you have something let me do, I can do it.17:08
* bero|3 isn't aware of anything else that needs to be done for Origen (other than fixing TARGET_CPU_SMP after we have something that builds)17:10
* bero|3 gets back to ffmpeg again17:11
bero|3Crap, failed again17:41
* bero|3 checks why17:41
=== zyga-ouch is now known as zyga
bero|3cp ./u-boot/mmc_spl/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin out/target/product/origen/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin17:41
bero|3cp: cannot stat `./u-boot/mmc_spl/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin': No such file or directory17:41
bero|3make: *** [out/target/product/origen/u-boot.bin] Error 117:41
bero|3make: *** Deleting file `out/target/product/origen/u-boot.bin'17:41
botao_sunbero|3: Crap17:42
botao_sunI'm reading the logs now.17:42
bero|3Looks like the u-boot bit is built somewhere the Makefile doesn't expect it17:42
bero|3Should be easily fixable17:42
botao_sunbero|3: Don't forget this:  TARGET_CPU_SMP := true17:42
bero|3botao_sun: Let's fix that once we have it building17:43
botao_sunbero|3: We are now totally playing an integrator role...17:43
bero|3Looks like u-boot isn't actually building the u-boot-mmc-spl.bin file Angus expects it to have17:45
* bero|3 runs a local checkout and looks at the u-boot tree17:45
botao_sunbero|3: This is the uboot version I used in the manifest file: git.linaro.org/people/angus/u-boot origen branch17:46
botao_sunbero|3: Angus sent me this in email17:47
botao_sunbero|3: Angus is online, so we may can ask him for information.17:51
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botao_sunbero|3: By the way, another thing.18:02
botao_sunbero|3: Angus told me this: I thinks there's a typo in one of the makefiles it looking for bin/acp should that be /bin/cp ?18:03
botao_sunbero|3: See the error at the end of build log.18:04
bero|3No, acp is right (android copy)18:11
bero|3Everything in the build is ok, except u-boot-mmc-spl.bin isn't build (or at least doesn't go where we expect it to be)18:11
botao_sunbero|3: I'm looking at the Busybox compiling error.18:19
bero|3Did you try setting LD?18:21
botao_sunbero|3: I haven't find where I can do this.18:21
botao_sunbero|3: I mean in the configuration file.18:22
botao_sunbero|3: It's not emergency. The origen build is top priority.18:23
bero|3botao_sun: There doesn't seem to be a way to set LD in the configuration file, but I think you can pass it as a command line parameter to make (use make LD="..... -nostdlib -Lwhatever" busybox instead of make busybox)18:23
botao_sunbero|3: let me try.18:24
bero|3I found the correct location for u-boot-mmc-spl.bin, we should have an Origen build that builds in less than a minute18:24
botao_sunbero|3: WOW!!!18:24
bero|3botao_sun: Check your review request18:26
botao_sunbero|3: merged.18:27
botao_sunbero|3: I will launch a build.18:27
bero|3Ok, great18:27
bero|3This one should actually build... But of course I can't guarantee it'll boot ;)18:27
botao_sunbero|3: New build is on the way. This build uses the Angus kernel, so I think it can be booted.18:28
botao_sunbero|3: You mean after the build successful, we turn to fix this - Don't forget this:  TARGET_CPU_SMP := true, right?18:29
bero|3botao_sun: Yes, actually let me submit that to review right now, we don't need to merge before we have something to fall back to...18:30
botao_sunbero|3: OK, it can prevent us to forget it.18:31
botao_sunbero|3: Build is running...18:32
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botao_sunbero|3: There is the ld for our own tool chain - arm-eabi-ld18:37
botao_sunbero|3: Busybox doesn't use it during the compiling?18:38
bero|3botao_sun: ld is only used for linking... Probably the right thing is to run make LD="...../arm-eabi-gcc -nostdlib -L....."18:38
bero|3Most makefiles out there actually assume linking is done with gcc rather than ld18:39
botao_sunbero|3: I write a command and you can review it.18:39
botao_sunbero|3: I write it by myself.18:40
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mpoirierbotao_sun: ping19:04
botao_sunmpoirier: Hi19:05
botao_sunmpoirier: New build is running.19:05
mpoirierbotao_sun: oh good.19:05
mpoirierwhat's new in that one ?19:05
botao_sunmpoirier: 37 minutes past, hasn't failed yet.19:05
botao_sunmpoirier: bero fix the uboot location error.19:06
mpoirierin the manifest ?19:06
botao_sunmpoirier: u-boot-mmc-spl.bin19:06
mpoirierbotao_sun: what ? where ?19:06
botao_sunmpoirier: no. in uboot.mk19:07
botao_sunmpoirier: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,12019:07
mpoirierlet me look...19:07
botao_sunmpoirier: /tasks/uboot.mk19:07
botao_sunmpoirier: -       cp $(TOP)/u-boot/mmc_spl/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin $(PRODUCT_OUT)/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin19:07
botao_sunmpoirier: +       cp $(PRODUCT_OUT)/obj/u-boot/mmc_spl/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin $(PRODUCT_OUT)/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin19:08
botao_sunmpoirier: That's it.19:08
mpoirierbotao_sun: so, how was it working before ?19:08
mpoirierbotao_sun: how did it ever work ?  Did anything change in uboot ?19:09
botao_sunmpoirier: Hold on.19:09
botao_sunmpoirier: These 2 changes are related to the uboot.mk: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,120 and http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,11819:11
botao_sunmpoirier: For me, it never worked before. This is the first time I try to create a build which is based on 2.3.5 + Angus' updates.19:11
mpoirierit seems to be working then...19:12
botao_sunmpoirier: 43 minutes past, build hasn't failed yet...19:12
mpoirierok, let's wait 'til it's finished before we get too happy.19:13
botao_sunmpoirier: Oh, a question.19:13
asacleb-origen built ;)19:42
asacbotao_sun: ^^19:42
asacwell done. now the Q: does it work ;)?19:43
botao_sunasac: SD card is flashing...19:43
asacvery good19:43
botao_sunasac: An error about the linaro image tool, I'm fixing it.19:43
botao_sunasac: I have to flash the image to SD card first, wait a moment.19:44
asacfabo: what about the patch?19:44
asacbotao_sun: there is a patch for l-m-c19:44
asacor maybe its in latest lp:linaro-image-tools already19:44
asactry that19:44
botao_sunasac: Yes, I use the latest version. I'm coding, see you later.19:45
asacseems not19:45
asacbotao_sun: https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-landing-team-samsung/linaro-image-tools/add-origen-android-support/+merge/7246519:45
asace.g. lp:~linaro-landing-team-samsung/linaro-image-tools/add-origen-android-supportlp:~linaro-landing-team-samsung/linaro-image-tools/add-origen-android-support19:45
asacfabo: whats the state of that?19:45
asacfabo: seems mabac is generally ok with it19:46
botao_sunasac: The location changed of /u-boot-mmc-spl.bin, that's why.19:46
asacbotao_sun: i still think you need the branch from above if you dont have it19:47
botao_sunasac: OK, but let me find that file exactly location first.19:47
asaci will not distract you19:48
bero|2power just came back20:39
bero|2hope it stays up20:39
* bero|2 looks at the origen build20:39
botao_sunbero|2: I saw the screen!!!!!20:40
botao_sunbero|2: Android screen for Origen!!!20:41
botao_sunbero|2: Jesus!20:41
bero|2botao_sun: Great! How did you fix the u-boot bits?20:41
botao_sunbero|2: I do the dirty works20:41
* bero|2 looks at boot.tar.bz2 to see if the correct file is in20:42
botao_sunbero|2: I copy a u-boot-mmc-spl.bin from the Hack Box, origen 2.3.5 branch build. That build failed, but the file u-boot-mmc-spl.bin is there.20:42
bero|2Looks like u-boot-mmc-spl.bin simply doesn't get packaged into boot.tar.bz220:43
botao_sunbero|2: So I copy that file to my local computer first, then extract the boot.tar.bz2, then put that file in, then do sudo chmod 755 *, then tar cjvf boot.tar.bz2 boot, than flash SD card again.20:43
* bero|2 checks the rules that build boot.tar.bz220:43
botao_sunbero|2: Yes, the file u-boot-mmc-spl.bin simply is not in the package.20:44
* bero|2 thinks it's probably something stupid, like e.g. the command for building boot.tar.bz2 hardcoding tar cjf boot.tar.bz2 u-boot.* instead of u-boot*20:44
botao_sunbero|2: Hardcode???20:45
botao_sunbero|2: Crap!20:45
botao_sunmpoirier, bero|2, asac: You will receive an email about the Samsung Origen board screen snapshot.20:52
faboasac: the patch needs fixing20:56
bero|2botao_sun: I think I have a fix for the boot.tar.bz2 generation, let me test it quickly20:59
botao_sunbero|2: Cool!20:59
botao_sunbero|2: Busybox works too, although no find & grep applets.21:01
botao_sunbero|2: Touch screen works.21:01
bero|2botao_sun: Nice! What's the problem w/ find & grep?21:01
botao_sunbero|2: They are not enabled.21:02
bero|2Ah, so it's not "they don't compile even if I try to enable them" or something, good.21:02
fabobero|2: bug 83253721:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 832537 in Linaro Android "Busybox find and grep applets are unavailable in 11.08 release" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83253721:02
asacbotao_sun: awesome21:02
asacfabo: well, have you talked to mabac about the situation?21:03
botao_sunbero|2: The busybox version is 1.19.0, I pre-built it with our old tool chain, but after I download the 1.19.0 source code and try to do the pre-built with our latest tool chain, it's failed as I told you.21:03
faboasac: yes and all is in the MR21:03
botao_sunbero|2: So I have to use the existing one.21:04
botao_sunbero|2: It's version is already 1.19.021:04
asacfabo: for me the comments didnt really sound like they would block21:04
asacmabac said that the patch is ok if angus has tested ubuntu and android21:04
asacimo we could have rolled a test build and let angus validate that it doesnt regress ubuntu21:05
faboasac: Review: Needs Fixing21:05
faboThe get_sfdisk functions in AndroidSMDKV310Config and AndroidOrigenConfig look identical to me, so I would like to see a AndroidSamsungConfig which both BoardConfigs inherit from to reduce duplication similar to what's been done in boards.py.21:05
botao_sunbero|2: How about that stupid package bug?21:05
bero|2botao_sun: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,122 <-- This should fix boot.tar.bz2, should be the last thing needed for a working origen build...21:05
faboasac: Angus reply isn't clear21:06
fabonytowl_away: ping21:06
bero|2botao_sun: You may also want to put in http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,121 - now that we know the basics are working21:06
botao_sunfabo: Angus is not there, I ping many times already...21:06
faboasac: afaics, the changes will affect only samsung boards21:07
botao_sunbero|2: $(PRODUCT_OUT)/boot/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin21:07
bero|2botao_sun: Re busybox, try building a version w/ find and grep using this toolchain: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/toolchain-4.6-linaro-master/21:07
botao_sunbero|2: Same as I thought.21:08
bero|2botao_sun: That toolchain can't produce a system that boots, but it should be good enough to build busybox correctly21:08
faboasac: at least, it should have been tested with origen/android21:08
faboasac: if someone could do a test with origen/ubuntu, it will be great21:09
fabojust to make sure we don't have this regression21:09
botao_sunbero|2: Change 122 merged.21:09
botao_sunbero|2: Are you sure 121 won't break the build?21:10
bero|2botao_sun: Quite sure, it didn't break things when I activated it for Panda... And if it somehow does, we can always revert it21:10
botao_sunbero|2: OK21:11
botao_sunbero|2: Change 121 merged.21:11
botao_sunbero|2, mpoirier: New origen build - #15 is on the way.21:12
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faboasac: I'm asking rsalveti to test the combo patch/ubuntu/origen. if he can't make it, the fallback is botao_sun (between 2 builds)21:14
botao_sunfabo: I'm too tired, continue work for 16 hours, I think I have to sleep 2 or 3 hours later. So I'm afraid that I don't have time to test it before the 16:00 UTC today.21:17
asacbotao_sun: ok. whats the latest status?21:18
asacimage works ... but lamc needs fix?21:18
asacwhat fixes do we need?21:18
botao_sunfabo: I'm full performance on the origen board final stage now.21:19
faboasac: u-boot related issue to fix21:19
faboasac: lamc to be tested but I don't have testers at this point21:19
asacfabo: but do we know that it works with the android builds?21:20
botao_sunasac: latest status is the build with u-boot location fix and smp enabled is running21:20
asacand lamc?21:20
botao_sunasac: what's the lamc?21:20
faboasac: we assume the patch has been tested with android21:20
botao_sunasac: jesus.21:21
botao_sunasac: It's OK21:21
botao_sunasac: I use the add-origen version21:21
asacbotao_sun: which branch is ok?21:21
asacok lp:~linaro-landing-team-samsung/linaro-image-tools/add-origen-android-support21:21
asacthat one works21:21
asacbotao_sun: good night21:21
faboasac: we need to test the patch with ubuntu21:21
asacgood work!21:21
asacfabo: sure. ask ricardo21:21
botao_sunasac: I just did some dirty works to let build #14 work, but for the current running build, it will be fix this issue.21:21
faboasac: on-going21:22
botao_sunasac: Shoule be good morning, it's 05:22:50 now. haha21:22
asaci know what you mean21:22
asacsleep well. see you next morning here21:23
bero|2sleep well botao_sun - I'll look after build #1521:23
bero|2(but of course I can only test that it looks sane, don't have an Origen)21:24
botao_sunasac: :)21:24
asacbero|2: trying if writing to sd works with lamc should be possible21:24
asacthat probably catches most21:24
botao_sunbero|2: I'm looking at the busybox21:24
asacand botao_sun was able to get this running21:24
asacbotao_sun: did you need to tweak anything else? like boot params etc.?21:24
asacanyway, go off21:25
botao_sunasac: no, the boot arguments issue has been fixed.21:25
faboasac: the l-a-m-c checks won't take long. by tomorrow 16:00 UTC, we'll have testers.21:25
botao_sunasac: After flashed SD card, just plug-in, it will work.21:25
asacfabo: well. if bero or someone finds a problem with lamc21:30
asacit can be fixed right away21:30
asacand not in a hurry tomorrow21:30
asaconly thing harder to test is real board boot21:30
faboit's the only thing that matter. I won't bother do testing without real board.21:33
james_wasac, so you're asking for a respin of linaro-image-tools now?21:34
asacwell. if we can test and verify it up front, then i think it should be fine.21:37
faborsalveti is back and is going to do the testing21:38
rsalvetisure, I'll cover it21:39
rsalvetisorry, was on a meeting21:39
botao_sunbero|3: The busybox find and grep issue will be postponed to the next release. We don't have time to submit new commit except fix the build break.21:49
bero|3botao_sun: Yes, makes sense21:49
botao_sunbero|3: If the build 15 works well, I'm going to create the RC2.21:49
botao_sunbero|3: And the RC2 will be the release version.21:50
botao_sunbero|3: Actually I'm cleaning up the stuff on the Hack Box now.21:50
bero|3The build seems to be almost done, the log already shows the output of building the kernel21:52
botao_sunbero|3: Failed! Crap!21:55
* bero|3 looks21:56
bero|3cannot create regular file `out/target/product/origen/boot/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin': No such file or directory21:57
bero|3make: *** [out/target/product/origen/u-boot.bin] Error 121:57
botao_suncannot create regular file `out/target/product/origen/boot/u-boot-mmc-spl.bin': No such file or directory21:57
bero|3Probably we just need to mkdir -p boot before trying to put stuff there21:57
* bero|3 fixes21:57
bero|3botao_sun: http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,12321:59
botao_sunbero|3: Change 123 has been merged, and build 16 is on the way.22:01
bero|3botao_sun: great22:01
botao_sunbero|3: I'm going to take a shower, and hope it's OK when I finished.22:02
bero|3me too22:02
=== mayday_jay-away is now known as mayday_jay
botao_sunbero|3: Back from bathroom. My chair is broken, crap...22:45
botao_sunbero|3: The build has been done successfully. https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/leb-origen/23:03
botao_sunbero|3: I'm going to flash it to SD card.23:03
botao_sunbero|2: SD card is flashing...23:11
botao_sunbero|2: SD card flashed successfully with the latest version of add-origen-android-support tool.23:12
* fabo cross his fingers23:13
botao_sunbero|2: System boots up with LCD screen.23:16
botao_sunbero|2: Serial output works.23:16
botao_sunbero|2: Shows the android logo.23:16
fabobotao_sun: good job!23:17
botao_sunbero|2: Still shows the Android logo.23:17
botao_sunbero|2: Enter the idle screen now.23:18
botao_sunbero|2: Busybox works23:19
botao_sunbero|2: Touch screen works.23:19
botao_sunbero|2: show the main menu successfully.23:20
botao_sunbero|2: performance is not good enough.23:20
asacvery good23:20
botao_sunbero|2: enter the setting menu successfully.23:20
asacnow update release branch with pinned manifest, spin23:20
asacand thats the release23:20
botao_sunbero|2: I don't have time to do more tests, I will integrate this pinned manifest to the 11.08 release branch.23:21
bero|2botao_sun: Sounds good23:23
bero|2botao_sun: Let me know if you need any more help23:23
botao_sunbero|2: Check your email for review request.23:35
bero|2botao_sun: Looks good to me23:36
botao_sunbero|2: Then approve it.23:36
bero|2botao_sun: Already did23:37
botao_sunbero|2: Then I will launch a release build soon.23:37
bero|2Sounds like a plan23:37
botao_sunbero|2: hahaha23:37
botao_sunbero|2: Release build is on the way.23:38
botao_sunbero|2: I'm going to eat breakfast.23:39
mansson_bero, botao: respect!23:40
botao_sunmansson_: :)23:44

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