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twood_jianghi linaro pandaboard use kernel version?10:53
kenwstwood_jiang: I think it's a Linaro 3.0 kernel11:19
twood_jiangmmcblk0: retrying using single block read11:19
twood_jiang[    4.168884] mmcblk0: error -84 transferring data, sector 34818, nr 2, card status 0x90011:19
twood_jiang[    4.177246] end_request: I/O error, dev mmcblk0, sector 3481811:19
twood_jiang[    4.183349] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p5): unable to read superblock11:19
twood_jiangstart kernel,read mmc error11:20
kenwsI just finished the build of the current LEB-panda (linaro_android_2.3.4) but it looks like the kernel crashes11:21
twood_jiangI think this problem may be caused by using the ext4 file system11:23
twood_jianguse fastboot program11:23
kenwstwood_jiang: soory, I'm not familiar with 0xdroid11:24
kenwsDoes anyone know how to build a linaro android image for the panda that actually works?11:30
kenwsJuly 26 was the last time it worked for me (LEB-panda linaro_android_2.3.4)11:31
kenws*now trying the non-LEB*11:47
patrikrydkenws, Hi!11:52
kenwshey patrikryd11:53
patrikrydkenws, What kind of problem do you have?11:53
patrikrydkenws, The LEB-panda should build and boot as far as I know11:53
kenwspatrikryd: I'm not quite sure. The msgs on the serial console are poisoned by garbage11:53
kenwsbut after a while the serial console is dead - so i assumed the kernel crashed11:54
kenwsDid the linaro-android-media-create change? I'm using a quite an old version11:55
patrikrydkenws, When you run into problems with our builds, please report the problem at https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-android11:55
patrikrydkenws, lamc is always changing. :) I migth be a good idea to fetch a new version.11:56
kenwspatrikryd: ok, I remember times where head was broken - that's why I hestitate : )11:56
kenwshowever, it worked on July 2611:57
patrikrydI usually keep an old version and upgrade when it breaks. Others in the team to the opposite and use the latest all the time.11:58
kenwsyep, sounds reasonable11:58
asacpfalcon: see mail on gerrit12:03
asacerr agreement ;)12:04
asaci was struggling a lot until i used my gmail account to authentication and killed the launchpad openid thing12:04
asacthen suddenly after relogging in the group membership showed up and all is fine12:04
pfalconasac: ok, going thru mail backlog now12:04
asacpfalcon: thats on "Problems re-using "repo manifest -r" manifests with repo12:05
asacpfalcon: so i wonder what we can do about our changed trees not getting AOSP branches synched12:07
asacso for instance if i look at a not-changed tree i see all the AOSP branches12:07
asacbut unfortunately not for base.git for example12:07
asacdo we need to invent a policy of branch naming to ensure that there will never be a conflict with AOSP branches so we can fetch/sync them?12:07
pfalconasac: as we agreed at Connect, we want automatic sync. So, I'll be setting it up. Currently, it's indeed only pristine-from-AOSP trees are synced with AOSP (and still on manual button push)12:08
pfalconasac: yeah, would be nice to formalize such policy12:09
asacpfalcon: let me know how your contribution agreement stuff works out12:16
asaci had lots of pain with it yesterday, but now its working ;)12:16
pfalconasac: will try it soon, currently testing git alias thing for git.linaro.org (have suspicion it wouldn't work)12:17
asacpfalcon: i think as long as "untrusted" appears under settings -> identities there is no a blocker on any group membership implemented12:17
asacthere is a blocker ;)12:17
kenwspatrikryd: Are you really sure your linaro_android_2.3.4 builds are working?12:28
kenwsI've updated lamc and built the non leb for the panda but it also seems to hang/crash12:28
kenwscyang seems to have similar issues12:29
patrikrydkenws, I'm not sure.12:29
kenwsinteresting, the non-leb doesn't show any oopses on the serial console12:29
patrikrydkenws, I'm working on the upgrade to 2.3.5. I did not realise that the code I base myself on crashes. :(12:30
kenwswell, the linaro_android_2.3.4 keeps changing12:31
kenwsas i said earlier it worked on July 2612:31
kenwshere is the serieal console output of a current linaro_android_2.3.4 non leb for the panda: https://pastebin.linaro.org/17612:32
kenwsto me it looks ok beside the init: cannot find '/system/bin/*  messages12:33
pfalconasac: So, how does one remove "Untrusted" identity - the title "Untrusted" itself appears in the place of checkbox used to select for deletion12:33
asacpfalcon: so. let me see12:34
asacpfalcon: first step: link another identify12:34
asacpfalcon: there hit: "google account" and select your @linaro.org account12:35
asacpfalcon: that should make that identify show up as trusted. next step is just checking the untrusted identity and hitting delete12:35
pfalconasac: for me, "link identity" doesn't work ;-( (leads to page not found)12:35
pfalconok, will be trying around12:36
asacpfalcon: are you on the AOSP gerrit?12:36
asacpfalcon: javascript enabled etc.? for me a overlay window appears where i can either fill in an openid or click "google account" or "yahoo account"12:36
pfalconasac: yeah. but I thought I should create another account, and did so with linaro google apps account12:36
* kenws finally switches the manifest from linaro_android_2.3.4 to the linaro-android-11.07-release12:36
pfalconasac: for me, overlay appears, and then page switches to 40412:37
asacpfalcon: when hitting on google account?12:37
asacnot sure. that works here12:37
pfalconwith "SignInFailure" in URL field in browser12:37
asacmaybe you are not logged into google?12:37
asacat the same time?12:38
asacpfalcon: so now you have two accounts? one that is untrusted? and one that is trusted using google apps?12:38
asacjust go for the untrusted and change your email to something that isnt your linaro.org12:38
asaclike your private gmail12:38
asaci will add your other account then12:38
pfalconasac: yeah, I guess, and I guess a single openid identity can be used for one account (obviously). so, I'm trying to fix the setuff12:39
pfalconasac: do you use firefox?12:40
asacnatty ffox12:41
asacor something12:41
pfalconHTTP ERROR: 50012:41
pfalconProblem accessing /OpenID. Reason:12:41
pfalcon    Server Error12:41
pfalconok, thanks12:41
asacsounds odd. thats what i got on our install ;)12:42
asaci get that when trying to log into review.android.git.linaro.org12:43
asac"The requested URL /OpenID was not found on this server."12:43
patrikrydkenws, You build fails when mouting mmcblk0p6. Should be mounted as /data and then it can not find anything under /system/bin.12:46
patrikrydkenws, It looks like something is wrong with the order or content of the partitions.12:46
kenwsoh, true "EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p6): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem"12:46
kenwslet me check12:46
kenwshm, mmcblk0p6 is vfat12:52
kenwsbut this isn't the system partition afaik12:53
kenwsmmcblk0p2 is being mounted at /system12:54
kenwsthis is the layout that lamc creates: https://pastebin.linaro.org/177/12:55
kenwshm, do we have something like a fstab?12:57
kenws.oO(the vold.fstab doesn't seem to be the right thing)12:58
pfalconmpoirier: Hi, what issues did you have with review.android.git.linaro.org ?13:12
mpoirierpfalcon: thanks for getting back to me.13:14
mpoirierso the intructions in the email are still accurate ?13:14
pfalconmpoirier: we had some host-shuffling actually, but I see that asac has updated hostnames in that wiki doc yesterday13:15
mpoirierpfalcon: ok, let me try again.13:15
pfalconmpoirier: so yes, it should be accurate, and if you face some issue, let me know13:16
mpoirierpfalcon: yes, doing this rigth now while i have you on.13:16
mpoirierpfalcon: gimme 30 seconds.13:16
mpoirierpfalcon: ok, same as yesterday.13:17
mpoirierI get to the launchpad screen,13:17
pfalconmpoirier: what exactly is issue?13:17
mpoirierand click "Yes, sign me in"13:18
mpoirierafter I get a 404 error, "The requested URL /OpenID was not found on this server".13:18
mpoirierpfalcon: see if you can look a this: https://login.launchpad.net/zF3vBPd74K1gcb1g/+decide13:19
pfalconmpoirier: well, ok, I see it now13:19
mpoirierpfalcon: good, good.13:19
pfalconso, the server gives back the old url, need to fix it (via IS apparently)13:19
mpoirierpfalcon: perfect, I"m not going crazy.13:20
pfalconyep, sorry for this. I'll look into fixing it asap13:20
mpoirierpfalcon: no problem.13:21
mpoirierpfalcon: just get back to me when it's up, I'll register.13:21
pfalconIn the meantime, I update gerrit location in manifests in linaro_android_2.3.4 and linaro-android-11.08-release branches (pushed)13:27
fgiffpfalcon: I notice gerrit changes don't have a 'repo download' link against the patchset. Any plans to enable this?13:42
pfalconfgiff: I have no idea how to enable that, hints are welcome ;-). otherwise, I'll look into that later, when other stuff settles13:43
fgiffpfalcon: OK. 'repo download' doesn't work yet anyway which isn't surprising since my manifest still has the old review url. If I find a way to enable it I'll let you know :-)13:45
fgiffkenws: Partition mounting is decided in init.rc, see https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/ChangeRootDevice for editing it.13:46
kenwsfgiff: yeah, I'm in the process of filing a bug report. I already extraceted the initrd and found that it doesnt match with what lamc creates13:47
pfalconfgiff: I just checked in updates to manifests to point to review.* . but yep, we need to complete the switch for all things to work nicely together.13:48
pfalconso far we can't even login to gerrit web ;-(13:48
fgiffpfalcon: I noticed that I had to mangle the url :-)13:49
kenwsfgiff: it's bug #82330413:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 823304 in Linaro Android "init.rc partition mismatch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82330413:49
pfalconfgiff: well, now it doesn't work at all, so if you're logged in, don't log out ;-)13:49
* fgiff is king of gerrit13:50
fgiffpfalcon: Here's how to turn on the repo download link (it defaults to off): https://gerrit.googlecode.com/svn/documentation/2.1/config-gerrit.html#repo13:54
kenwsfgiff: oh, this wiki page is quite useful - thanks for letting me know13:57
* kenws should search the wiki more often : )13:58
fgiffkenws: Feel free to improve it :-)13:58
kenwsIt looks like this is the relevant change:14:07
ronynandyany idea how to stop(delay) early suspend in android using command line14:11
kenwsronynandy: I would guess there is a property for this - isn't it?14:13
ronynandykenws:thx,trying to figure it out...14:14
kenwsronynandy: does "setprop hw.nopm true" help?14:19
kenwsronynandy: ok, I've grepped their java sources and found this:14:43
kenwssvc power stayon true14:43
ronynandykenws:thx, somehow managed to get a display and changed the displaytime out to 30 mins...so it is no longer sleeping14:55
ronynandythe time out was 1 min,that was the problem14:55
kenwsronynandy: there's abetter way: applications -> development -> stay awake14:56
kenwsit's: Settings -> Application -> Development -> [x] Stay awake14:57
kenwsronynandy: are you suffering from bug #816491?14:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 816491 in Linaro Android "System crashes when display attempts to sleep" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81649114:57
ronynandykenws:thx a lot .changed the settings as suggested by you15:08
kenwsronynandy: yw15:09
ronynandykenws:i guess so,the board did not wake after going to sleep15:09
kenwsronynandy: a panda or a different one?15:09
ronynandykenws:not on panda..15:11
mpoirierjstultz_vm: ping15:56
jstultz_vmmpoirier:  pong15:57
mpoirierhey john,15:57
mpoirierI'm recompiling with your improved config file...15:58
mpoiriercan you expand on the execv permissions ?15:58
jstultz_vmmpoirier:  cool! let me know if you run into any other trouble.. (also curious if you see the execv issue)15:58
jstultz_vmmpoirier:  haven't really dug in there yet.15:58
mpoirierah, ok.15:58
mpoirierby the sound of your email, I deduced that you had fixed it.15:59
jstultz_vmmpoirier:  just that after fixing the initrd and getting the configs right, it seems to work, but some binaries seem to have issues.. the permissions don't seem all that off, but i've not looked closely15:59
jstultz_vmmpoirier:  no, i just wanted to put it down as an issue that still needs to be resolved.15:59
mpoirierI'll carve out a build on the server.15:59
mpoirierthat way other people can join our little party.16:00
tarasglekis david rusling on here17:42
fabotarasglek: DaveRusling on #Linaro17:45
tarasglekby the way i sent an email to linaro-dev last week, nobody replied17:46
fabotarasglek: we were mostly at Linaro Connect Q3.1117:49
fabotarasglek: what's the subject?17:49
tarasglekah it's still on, ok17:49
tarasglekWhat are the chances of a phone based developer image   Taras Glek17:49
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asacpfalcon: what groups am i suppoised to be in on gerrit?18:18
asacon our instance ;)18:18
asaci see untrusted identiy18:18
asacand wonder if that hides group membership on our instance as well ;)18:19
pfalconasac: fro our instance, launchpad openid is set as trusted18:19
pfalcon(well, it should be)18:19
asacpfalcon: my screen shows "untrusted"18:19
asacpfalcon: i cannot use google: "Provider is not supported, or was incorrectly entered."18:19
asachttps://launchpad.net/~asac -> untrusted18:19
pfalconasac: and "Developers" group need to be created, and all folks with commit right added to it18:19
asachttps://login.launchpad.net/+id/xxxxx -> trusted18:20
asacwell not explicitely trusted, but not untrusted at least :)18:20
pfalconasac: I appear to have LP openid issues at all, and cannot use https://launchpad.net/~18:20
asacpfalcon: seems i can create groups ... does that mean i have powers?18:20
pfalconasac: so, wiki pages suggests using https://login.launchpad.net for login ;-)18:21
pfalconlet me check18:21
pfalconasac: well, you're currently not in Admins. so, try to create it, see how it goes, and then I'll add you to admins18:22
asacok what name?18:22
asacLinaro Android Developers ;)18:22
asaci will try that18:22
asacor Linaro Android Committers?18:22
asacrather that18:22
asacpfalcon: yes, have no powers :)18:23
asacdidnt work18:23
asacget error about group,8 not existing18:23
asacpfalcon: is that committers or rather Approvers ?18:23
asacwhat other roles might make sense?18:23
pfalconasac: I created "Developers", that's in line with existing Gerrit group names ;-)18:23
asac(dont want to overdoe ;)18:23
asacDevelopers doesnt show up18:24
pfalconI don't know what other roles will make sense, I guess, Zach can suggest on that18:24
* asac re-logs in18:24
asacno change18:25
pfalconit does for me18:25
pfalconAnd "Linaro Android Committers" was created18:25
pfalcon"Make group visible to all registered users."18:25
pfalconI guess that's it18:25
asacdoesnt show up either18:26
asacguess thats because i am super underpowered ;)18:26
pfalconasac: anyway, I added you to Admins, you should see all stuff now, so please figure which of these two is needed18:26
pfalconasac: but I'd suggest that you noted all actions you did and write them in wiki page or email,18:27
asaci am not in any group18:27
asacnor do i see anything :/18:27
pfalconasac: so other folks didn't wonder what set up is there and why it works this way or another ;-)18:27
* asac thinks its still the untrusted thing18:27
pfalconasac: ok, try to relogin again now18:27
asaci tried just a minute ago18:28
asacdo you see the untrusted in identities?18:28
pfalconasac: nope18:28
asacwhat url do you use for openid?18:29
pfalconMy identity is https://login.launchpad.net/+id/63Dh6PB18:29
asaci use https://launchpad.net/~asac18:29
asachmm ok18:29
asaclet me remove my other identify18:29
asacworked ;)18:29
asacdamn untrusted18:29
asacpfalcon: so  https://launchpad.net/~asac is really my human readable openid account to my account :/18:30
asacnot sure whats up18:30
pfalconasac: please login with  https://login.launchpad.net/ and leave only that identity for now, until we understand what's going on18:30
asacpfalcon: sure. thats my plan ;)18:32
asaclet me see if the form remembered that now18:32
asaccool. it remembered it18:32
asacoh now :/18:32
asacoh no18:32
asacits not supported now :/18:32
pfalconasac: for me, it remembered it without last char18:32
pfalconasac: so, each time, I need to cut it to https://login.launchpad.net/18:33
asacpfalcon: can i get the id from https://login.launchpad.net/ ?18:33
asaci dont see the id there18:33
pfalconasac: yes, https://login.launchpad.net/ is generic SSO url, it can be used as OpenID18:33
asacso you can create new branches in gerrit18:35
asacso seems we need a workflow with filing bugs etc.18:35
pfalconasac: we for sure need the workflow. my first idea though was just to let people do with gerrit all what they could do w/o it, and then let pfefferz, you, and other folks work out the workflow.18:37
pfalconasac: so, please remove either "Developers" or "Linaro Android Committers". I'd suggest to use generic Developers for now, until more specific workflow will be in place18:39
pfalcon(i.e. Developers == can commit stuff w/o review)18:39
asacright. i think later developers will only be able to push ;)18:40
asacbut not commit/review18:40
asaci dont think i can delete a group ;)18:41
asacjust rename later18:41
asacso seems we have a group in the bank and can reuse that somehow later18:41
pfalconyep, it seems18:42
pfalconasac: well, for tomorrow's cutover I need a group which gives all rights the usual git-over-ssh gives18:43
asacyou can use developers18:57
asacseems renaming is easy18:57
pfalconI'm rebuilding 11.07 toolchain now (after tagging)19:21
pfalconThere was pretty interesting mail from Mozilla Android guys, I wonder if anyone's going to reply that?19:25
asacpfalcon: right. i hoped zach would ... i can do that19:37
* asac adds to TODO19:37
asacthanks for reminding19:37
pfalconasac: i wanted to reply too, but wondered if someone would have more authoritative answers ;-)19:37
asacpfalcon: what would you answer?19:48
asaci dont think someone authoritative needs to answer for that question19:48
pfalconI'd suggest to look at devel boards to do development/testing, mentioned that we added busybox to our builds, and that we'd expect that community pick up our tools to make builds for more devices and improve overall android devel experience, like add support for native packages19:50
asacright. he explicitely asks for support for phones19:53
asacyou might wnt to say that this is not planned in short term but might very well happen in future; if folks are interested in working on that we would support them by enabling through tools and infrastructure19:54
asacbut if they just want to eval firefox performance difference we would be happy to help make that happen on our devboards19:54
asacand would be very interested in somehow hook that up in our validation farm ;)19:54

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