benjiGronynandy: hi08:39
benjiGronynandy: in /home/lool/ronynandy-public_git of git.linaro.org can you add a symbolic link to your /home/ronynandy/opencore directory I think it will make it visible08:45
ronynandyronynandy@mombin:/home/lool/ronynandy-public_git$ ln -s /home/ronynandy/opencore/ opencore09:05
ronynandyln: creating symbolic link `opencore': Permission denied09:05
ronynandycan you try the command..probably it has to do with some permission09:06
ronynandyi dont have09:06
benjiGI don't have the permission too ...09:10
benjiGyour symbolic link on /srv/git.linaro.org/git/people look strange09:35
ronynandyi had faced a similar problem earlier so lool had created a symbolic link for me09:50
ronynandyseems the same problem is still there09:50
benjiGI have try to create a symbolic link to your directory from my public_git but it doesn't work09:55
loolI don't remember why I created this, it was to workaround something10:09
looloh right, you don't have a public_git10:10
loolronynandy: Could you in your home create a public_git dir then symlinks to the repos you'd like to expose?  I'll change my /srv symlink to point at it10:11
ronynandylool,:i created a public_git and moved a folder inside it10:14
ronynandyronynandy@mombin:/srv/git.linaro.org/git/people/ronynandy$ ln -s /home/ronynandy/public_git/opencore/ opencore10:15
ronynandyln: creating symbolic link `opencore': Permission denied10:15
ronynandybut i get a permission denied error10:15
loolronynandy: looking10:31
loolronynandy: you seem to be creating your symlink the wrong way around?10:31
loolronynandy: To create a /home/ronynandy/public_git/opencore symlink pointing to /home/ronynandy/opencore/, you'd type ln -s /home/ronynandy/opencore/ /home/ronynandy/public_git/opencore10:32
loolor simply cd ~/public_git && ln -s ~/opencore10:32
loolronynandy: I've chnged /srv/git.linaro.org/git/people/ronynandy to point at /home/ronynandy/public_git now10:34
loolronynandy: note that your opencore dir isn't a git repo10:34
loolnot sure why you moved it to public_git10:35
ronynandyyes..it is a code share done from samsung for other MM WG members10:35
ronynandywe are not working on that code..its for review10:35
benjiGwill we see if it isn't a git repo ?10:36
ronynandywhich is the right place to put the code?10:36
loolronynandy: Ok but... you could just put it outside of public_git, or even on people.linaro.org, or you could import it into git so that you can easily send patches or review later updates10:36
loolI would recommend that you import it into a git repo10:36
lool(otherwise if you want to share drops of files, you might also prefer hosting a tarball rather than pointing people at an unpacked dir as it might not be trivial to mirror it properly, especially over http)10:37
ronynandybenjiG, :tar ball will be fine with u?10:38
benjiGwhile I can donwload the code it is ok for me :-)10:38
ronynandylool, :ok then i will tar it..10:38
ronynandybenjiG, it is still not visible in the gitweb11:46
ronynandyin case u want to download11:46
ronynandyplease log into git.linaro.org11:46
ronynandyand download using scp11:46
ronynandyfrom ronynandy/public_git11:47
benjiGronynandy: I can't do that inside St-E network (proxy issue) I will try at home12:43
ronynandyok,thx.the package is around 51MB12:53
benjiGronynandy: do you have look at the code ?12:55
benjiGand are you able to put a resume of your finding in wiki page12:56
benjiGlike we have done here: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/OpenMaxIntegration12:56
benjiGkrtaylor: hi14:18
krtaylorThese are all the blueprints that I created yesterday14:18
krtaylorhi benjiG14:18
krtaylorI need to finish audio and codecs today14:19
krtaylorI need codec input14:19
benjiGI think we can can close this one: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-wg/+spec/multimedia-linaro-gstreamer-autocolorspace-converter14:19
krtaylorok, that one was against 11.0514:20
benjiGyes it is just a clean up14:21
krtaylorI'll clean all that up later14:21
krtaylorbenjiG, robclark, kan_hu, ronynandy, Of the codecs listed on page  https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/CodecOptimization14:22
krtaylorwith the exception of jpeg14:22
krtaylorwhat work would need to be done for each? how important/how much gain would optimizing each give us?14:23
krtaylorI know mp3 is pretty well done, there may be some tiny gains, so I would call that a low priority14:23
benjiGyes reading the wiki page14:26
benjiGfor ST-E the priority is libjpeg-turbo14:27
krtayloryes, excluding jpeg, all the others  ;-)14:27
benjiGvideo codec are done in hw14:27
robclarkvc1, x264.. we do this in hw..14:28
robclarkall the audio stuff is potentially interesting14:29
benjiGsame for me14:29
robclarkI think mp3 doesn't take too much MHz.. but don't know too much about the others14:29
benjiGI don't know if we use openSSL and openCV14:29
* robclark is not an audio expert..14:29
robclarkI think everyone uses openssl in some form or another..14:29
robclark(but not sure what that has to do w/ mmedia)14:30
krtaylorfangbao joins us here, he is working on an x264 codec, so I would think we could leverage that work and focus somewhere else14:30
krtaylorso that leaves wma for android, silk/speex14:31
krtaylorwma for android may be a vendor specific licensing exercise14:33
krtaylorso that leaves us with SILK and Speex14:33
benjiGit is for Skype, right ?14:34
krtayloryes, contributed to the IETF14:35
krtaylorsdk copyright and patent licenses here: http://developer.skype.com/silk14:36
krtaylorronynandy thought there might be gains from optimizing SILK, not sure about Speex14:41
krtaylorI guess the question is how useful would that be to the vendors?14:41
krtaylorSO, I am going to create codec optimizations for jpeg (high), SILK (low) and Speex (low)14:42
benjiGit is perfect for me :-)14:43
krtaylormaybe I could just lump the later 2 as Speech codec optimization, yep, that works for me14:44
krtaylorthen it can target speex or SILK and "other" linux and/or Android14:45
krtaylorok, robclark, I am making the assumption that all the UMM work will be covered under one of the existing GWG blueprints, with engineer assignments worked out between Jesse and I14:46
benjiGCan I use the same wiki page link for the both bp (survey and implementation)?14:48
krtaylorgood question14:52
benjiGI hope it is easier to manage14:53
krtaylorbenjiG, do you mean for defining the work?14:53
krtayloror publishing the results14:53
benjiGI speak about this wiki page https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/OpenMaxIntegration14:54
benjiGfor me it make sense to keep all in one page14:54
krtaylorthey were really meant to be TR level, we'd use the templates for individual blueprint specs14:54
krtaylorbut I see your point14:54
krtaylorI guess we could put the templates here and then point the TRs and engr blueprints to the same page14:55
krtaylorthat would reduce the number of pages, but increase complexity14:55
benjiGyes it will be more easy to understand from external people14:56
krtaylorI will leave it up to you, we will just need to make sure we document the individual engr blueprints14:56
benjiGin the same page you have source code links, analyses, the list of pain points, and then a conclusion/proposal14:57
krtayloryes, that is describing all the sub-blueprints under thet TR14:58
krtaylorwe can put the engineering blueprints in the TR pages, but I want to use the template14:58
krtaylorhere is the template, we can append it to the TR spec page14:58
krtaylorActually, now that I think it through, lets keep the individual child engineering blueprints specs in their own wiki pages15:00
krtaylorfor openMAX we only have 2, so it would be manageable, but for other TR Specs, it would be many more15:01
krtaylorit would become too confusing15:01
krtaylorthey need to be consistant15:01
krtaylorso lets have individual child blueprints under the parent TR15:01
krtaylorfor instance: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/OpenMaxIntegration/VendorSurvey15:02
benjiGyou speak about the spec not about the BP right ?15:04
benjiG(I'm confuse)15:04
benjiGfor OMX today we have 1 TR, 2 BP and 1 wiki page for spec15:05
krtayloryes, the specs15:05
benjiGso you want me to split the spec in 2 pages ?15:06
krtaylorthe 1 wiki page is for defining the blueprints from the TR15:06
krtaylorno, we will creat 2 new pages under that one15:06
krtaylorsee links above15:06
krtaylorI'll create those pages and link them to the blueprints15:06
krtaylorusing the blueprint spec templates15:07
krtaylorso then we would have 1 TR with its Spec/workspace wiki page and 2 blueprints, each with their own spec page15:08
krtaylorsound ok?15:08
benjiGno ... what will be the content of the wiki pages for blueprints ?15:09
benjiGI mean for me all info are (or will be) in TR wiki page15:09
benjiGit sound like we duplicate the informations15:10
krtaylorthats what I was talking about15:10
krtaylorit might work for openmax, but it wont for all the others15:10
krtaylorwe need to break them out15:10
benjiGok create the wiki pages I will do my best to fill them15:11
krtaylorthe TR spec is just a working space, I think it will work better this way15:12
benjiGhe will ping you when I will be lost in wiki pages labyrinth ;-)15:13
krtaylorgo there ^^^ and you will see links to the new child pages for the individual blueprint specs15:16
krtaylorbenjiG, does that work?15:17
benjiGsure :-)15:17
benjiGbut you are the onwer of the BP so I can't change the spec URL15:18
krtaylorI will make sure that all the TRs and Blueprints are linked to the wiki pages15:18
krtaylorand that you will be able to see all the directory children under WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia15:19
krtaylorI agree, it is a mess15:19
krtaylorI worked a lot this week on cleaning this up15:19
krtayloryou should be able to get anywhere from anywhere  ;-)15:19
benjiGmaybe you can set me as "drafter" of the BP15:20
benjiGor assignee15:20
krtayloryes, will do15:20
benjiGlast cycle, with sachin, I were able to change the URL and write in whiteboard15:21
krtaylorall done, set URL for both openmax blueprints and changed the drafter and assignee15:25
krtaylorgive it a try15:25
benjiGit works15:26
benjiGI have already change the links in wiki page15:26
krtaylorok, now I need to do this for all our blueprints15:28
benjiGgood luck !15:29
krtaylorthanks for your feedback on all of this15:29
benjiGno problem15:29
krtaylorok, all done with NEON forum blueprints and specs15:44
benjiGrobclark: do you have found the time to become a StageFright expert ? ;-)15:44
robclarknot yet..15:47

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