* plars waves02:00
plarsfabo: hi02:01
plarswell, this ought to be short :)02:02
linarobotMeeting started Fri Jun 24 01:02:07 2011 UTC. The chair is plars.02:02
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plars#link https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Validation/Meetings/2011-06-2302:02
plars#topic Actions from last meeting02:02
plarsI could have sworn there was an action last week02:02
plarsfor springz? or me related to springz?02:03
plarsthis says there isn't02:03
plars#action plars to see if actions actually work with this bot02:03
plarshopefully I'll remember that :)02:03
plars#topic Engineer progress reports02:03
plarshmm, let's see02:04
plarswho should I pick on first02:04
plarsmwhudson: anything to highlight for the logs?02:04
mwhudsonnot really02:04
mwhudsonprogress continues on the scheduler02:04
plarsone thing to note02:04
mwhudsonit would be good to get a release/deployment done02:05
plarsz0 was checked in as the "technology preview" for this release02:05
mwhudsonbut i don't know how much help i can be there02:05
plarswhich zygmunt and I tagged everything for today02:05
mwhudsonplars: v0?02:05
plarstypo, sorry :)02:05
plarsso that's what will go out for the 2011.06-0 release02:05
plarsif we check in the rest, and really want to accelerate things, we can do a mid-month respin of it02:06
plarshi springz :)02:06
springzplars, hi, sorry for late02:06
plarswas just telling mwhudson that we tagged everything for release today02:06
springzplars,  great news02:06
plarsrelease will happen next thursday, but barring anything critical, what we tagged today is what will release02:07
mwhudsonplars: i don't think there's any need to push this out as a release on an accelerated schedule02:07
plarsas such, anything I was sure isn't done yet in blueprints got retargetted for 11.0702:07
mwhudsonplars: or do you only want to deploy releases on validation.linaro.org02:07
plarsmwhudson: would be good practice I think, but we certainly have some freedom there02:07
springzplars, will we have a fixed date for release plan in the future02:07
plarsspringz: tagging happens one week before release, release happens on the last thursday of every month02:08
plarsspringz: tagging happens one week before release, release happens on the last thursday of every month02:08
springzplars, so after tagging, there is no new source commit?02:09
mwhudsonplars: are we going to version things 2011.06 and so on?02:09
plarsso basically everything getting released is the main lava-* components (test, dashboard, scheduler, server, tool, dashboard-tool, scheduler-tool, etc) and the linaro-python-django-bundle piece02:09
plarsmwhudson: that will be the milestone names, yes02:10
springzis it a whole package or separated ?02:10
plarsspringz: separate pieces02:10
plarssome of this will get better as we go... there are plans to document it all on the wiki, but I think it's just on a set of slides for now02:11
springzplars, how do we make the release notice to all members, include every piece link?02:11
plarsspringz: I think that's being handled by fabo, as a linaro-wide release announcement02:11
plarsso we'll roll up all changelogs, release highlights, and release notes to him02:12
plarsfabo can correct me if that's wrong02:12
plarsanyway, springz: any highlights for this week?02:13
mwhudsonat least on debian we should have some nice metapackages02:13
mwhudsonbut that can wait02:13
plarsmwhudson: +102:13
springzadd some error handler support for Android part, and lots of errors I can see are handled by android part itself02:14
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springzstart working on custom kernel running02:14
plarsspringz: did you finish the blueprint for that?02:14
springzplars, add something to it, still think more02:14
plarsspringz: ok, let me know when you consider it ready and I'll take a look02:15
springzplars, I'll start some code and think new ideas the same time02:15
plarsspringz: on the error handling one, I retargetted it for 11.07, I know we're real close on it but I needed to set the tags today02:15
springzplars, ok02:15
plarsspringz: that's fine02:15
plars#topic Work Item progress and team issues discussion02:16
plarssince we already kinda started on that :)02:16
plarsspringz: I think I understand where you're at on yours02:16
plarsfor the android one I'm working on, I need to enable daily runs, which I plan to do tonight (tested generate script today and it seems good)02:16
springzplars, I see from the source, only submit_result is handled there, but there is also a submit_result of android not handled, I plan to add the support for it02:16
plarsspringz: have you worked on android much before?02:17
springzplars, not much, just get a news that enabling android on mx53loco02:17
springzplars, from freescale loco team, I will give a try02:17
plarsspringz: I see much android in our future, would be good to take a look :)02:17
plarsmwhudson: on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lava-tool/+spec/linaro-platforms-o-token-based-auth-support02:18
plarsmwhudson: are the two inprogress items still inprogress?02:18
mwhudsonplars: let me look02:18
plarsI suspect the last one is, but I thought you had already done the AuthenticatedServerProxy class02:18
mwhudsonplars: updated, you are right02:18
plarsmwhudson: isn't there another ssl related wi somewhere?02:19
mwhudsonplars: there's a server side one, i think it's on linaro-django-xmlrpc02:19
mwhudsonah right, it's linked from the summary02:20
plarsmwhudson: I'm thinking we may want to shift that out, along with the two postponed ones, and mark this blueprint done as basic token based auth support, and pick up the other pieces as a later blueprint02:20
plarsbecause even at this point, we have usable auth right?02:20
mwhudsonplars: yes, that makes sense02:20
plarsmwhudson: do you mind createing a bp for that and shifting them?02:21
mwhudsonplars: sure02:21
plars#action mwhudson to create token-based-auth+1 blueprint02:21
mwhudson(as in, "i don't mind" :-p)02:21
plars#action plars to enable daily android runs02:21
plarsok, any issues? things blocking anyone?02:22
plars#topic Any Other Business (AOB)02:22
* plars will be traveling next week02:23
mwhudsonah, dublin?02:23
plarsI'll be on Ireland time02:23
springzplars, got it02:24
mwhudsonwe'll skip our call i guess02:24
plarsI'll try to still hit all sync meetings... yeah, may have to move at least02:24
plarsmwhudson: we'll try to sync up at some point in the week one way or another02:24
mwhudsonplars: yeah, would be good02:25
plarsaob from anyone else?02:25
mwhudsonnope, all fairly boring here02:25
plarshmm, we'll have to fix that :)02:25
plarsthanks everyone, have a good day02:25
mwhudsoni'm off in a couple of weeks02:25
mwhudsonthanks plars02:25
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mwhudsonfor 4 days02:26
springzplars, I'll sync with you a little time later, ping you02:26
plarsmwhudson: ok, can you send me the days in an email when you update linaro-leaves?02:27
plarsspringz: sounds good02:27
plarsmwhudson: I don't think I get notified yet02:27
mwhudsonplars: oh right, linaro-leaves02:27
mwhudsonplars: ok it's in there now, 13-18 july02:29
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