SteveMcIntyrehey markos_00:02
SteveMcIntyrehow are things going?00:02
markos_ftf just finished00:03
markos_I'm flying back on sat morning00:03
markos_been really really busy00:03
SteveMcIntyresuccessful trip, I hope?00:03
markos_I got armhf running on the new imx6 :)00:04
SteveMcIntyreyay :-)00:04
SteveMcIntyreibiris was asking for a status update earlier today00:04
markos_lots of stuff, we'll probably be getting binary drivers for armhf, at least freescale seems fine on the idea00:04
markos_reading mail has been a bit problematic here, at least gmail gets disconnected all the time, so it's very possible that i have missed lots of mails00:05
markos_it's esp bad when I'm using multiple gmail accounts (genesi, linaro and personal)00:05
SteveMcIntyrereally bad networking?00:06
markos_no, it's gmail's problem00:06
markos_well, it's wifi so it might be network problem also00:06
markos_but it was really hard reading more than one mailbox at a time00:07
markos_I'll do an update today or tomorrow, I have a list of benchmark results already, but really haven't had the time to actually put that onto a page00:08
markos_I have omap4, tegra2, mx51, mx53, mx600:08
markos_I tried to do some browser benchmarks, but apparently qt4/webkit was problematic on armhf, which pretty much broke all javascript benchmarks like peacekeeper, sunspider, v800:09
SteveMcIntyreare you likely to be able to make the irc meeting tomorrow?00:13
markos_unlikely, it's very early for me00:14
markos_it's 2pm GTM right?00:14
markos_that's 8am, and esp tomorrow I was planning ot actually get some sleep, I've been sleeping 4h a day every day for the last 2 weeks00:15
markos_but I could do a status update now if you like00:18
markos_or I could send an email00:19
SteveMcIntyremail's good, if that works for you00:20
SteveMcIntyreas I'm off to bed in a mo :-)00:20
SteveMcIntyreyay for TZ differences00:20
markos_ok, to octo or just you, ibiris and david?00:21
SteveMcIntyreto me and ibiris is cool00:21
SteveMcIntyrewho's here?15:00
SteveMcIntyresomebody to talk to :-)15:06
SteveMcIntyrehrw: how are things going for you?15:07
hrwfighting with generic linux cross15:07
hrwmultiarch for cross was not tested before15:08
SteveMcIntyrehmmm, was expecting a status update from markos by mail15:09
hrwand can say one thing: samsung cheapphones areworse then crap15:09
SteveMcIntyrebut no sign :-(15:09
SteveMcIntyrehrw: ouch15:09
SteveMcIntyrenot much point in having a meeting with nobody really around, I guess15:09
hrwmy wife's phone is dying and I got task 'grab all data from it to other phone'15:09
SteveMcIntyreI've been ill for most of the week, so little to report here15:10
hrwI did not played with armhf15:10
SteveMcIntyretalk to you next week, I guess...15:10
SteveMcIntyrehave a good weekend!15:10
hrwyou too15:10
hrwsunday -> dublin15:11
SteveMcIntyrecool, have fun with the trip15:11
hrwcopied some movies to hdd already15:12
hrw8h battery helps a lot15:12
loolSorry, I didn't get a reminder for the start of the meeting15:15
SteveMcIntyrehmmm, ok15:15
loolwhich is because I didn't setup ne for my linaro calendar, only for the canonical one, gah, sorry15:15
SteveMcIntyreactually, neither did I15:15
SteveMcIntyrewhich is weird too15:15
SteveMcIntyremaybe a google calendar screwup somewhere15:16
SteveMcIntyrestill, not much to report this week15:16
loolok, added a reminder now15:16
SteveMcIntyreworking on appraisal stuff at ARM today15:16
SteveMcIntyreno response that I can see from David or kiko about the mailing list?15:17
loolno, but David is on leave; I will ask Kiko in our 1-1 in 15 minutes15:17
loolwe usually have it an hour before this meeting, but he pushed it15:17
SteveMcIntyreI don't see any more actions from last week15:18
SteveMcIntyreno real progress to report this week on my side15:19
SteveMcIntyreand I'm missing the mail that markos promised last night, which is annoying15:19
SteveMcIntyreunless there's anything else that people would like to bring up, may as well close already15:19
* SteveMcIntyre gives people 2 mins15:19
looldoes someone know whether the N9 is shiping with hard-float?15:19
SteveMcIntyrethat's a good Q15:20
SteveMcIntyreStskeeps: you spoke about meego last week - any insight?15:20
Stskeepsyes, it's hardfp15:20
Stskeepsso's meego 1.2 arm15:20
SteveMcIntyreok, cool15:20
Stskeepsit uses a confusing _armel, however :/15:21
SteveMcIntyresigh :-/15:21
Stskeepsbut that's nothing new coming from maemo15:21
loolStskeeps: oh it's .deb based?15:21
SteveMcIntyrelool: apparently so15:21
loolhow confusing15:21
SteveMcIntyreI've seen a lot of wibbling this week about it15:22
SteveMcIntyreI *expected* it to be Meego15:22
SteveMcIntyrebut then Arjan explicitly said on lwn that it's not, it's Maemo again with a Meego UX on top15:22
Stskeepsbut getting back on topic, we haven't had any bad experiences with our ~1400 package meego on hardfloat15:22
SteveMcIntyreI boggled at that a little15:22
SteveMcIntyreStskeeps: \o/15:23
Stskeepsexcept for the fact there's no arm vendor binaries for it ;)15:23
loolwhat do you mean?15:23
Stskeepslool: take omap3/4 SGX userland as an example, doesn't exist in hardfp build from TI15:23
Stskeepsso we're getting a bit of pushback from people wanting to use the platform, hopefully linaro will be a good basis for those binaries when you have armhf :)15:24
SteveMcIntyrelast weekend, spoke to a friend who's convinced that TI have just switched support for his development project over to hf15:24
SteveMcIntyrebut hey :-)15:25
Stskeepsanyway, the way meego hardfp was bootstrapped was with linaro 4.5.1-2010.09, initially building on top of debian armhf, getting to our base set of build essential packages and then we let our OBS take care of the rest15:26
loolwell done then!15:27
loolit's good to see an about-to-ship device with something close to armhf15:27
lool(armel-hf ;-)15:27
Stskeepstook about a dedicated week to get the essential packages built using real hw for me and have a set to bootstrap rest with15:28
SteveMcIntyreStskeeps: did you end up with any benchmarks to show the difference for hf?15:28
StskeepsSteveMcIntyre: i haven't done any decided benchmarks myself, the harmattan (maemo6/N9) project did, but even on a N900 when we switched to hardfp, it was directly noticable in faster performance, able to feel the difference15:29
SteveMcIntyrea number for "feel" would be nice, to help justify what we're doing :-)15:30
SteveMcIntyrebut I understand if you don't have numbers15:30
SteveMcIntyreso you're still not using the sgx on the N9 then?15:31
Stskeepswe have ability to build sgx ddk for nokia devices, so that part wasn't a problem15:32
SteveMcIntyreoh, ok15:32
Stskeepsfor us, that is, but for other hw vendors it is15:32
SteveMcIntyreyay for licensing etc. :-)15:32
Stskeepsso i'm hoping to get to a point where there's a lsb arm like thing used as baseline for hardware vendor closed bits, or linaro hwpacks built for armhf15:33
SteveMcIntyrethe latter is definitely in the plan, I believe15:33
Stskeepsdo you have a page where you describe the approach you're going to take to have armhf?15:33
SteveMcIntyreand the former is also a hope15:34
SteveMcIntyrebest we have atm is at https://wiki.linaro.org/OfficeofCTO/HardFloat15:34
SteveMcIntyrethe blueprints linked from there show the plan for what we're working on15:35
SteveMcIntyreaiming to get armhf up and accepted as an architecture in Ubuntu and Debian soon15:36
SteveMcIntyrewe have support for Debian by Wheezy15:36
SteveMcIntyreOneiric is more difficult due to time frame, but might be there15:36
SteveMcIntyredefinitely by P15:36
SteveMcIntyreonce we get things debootstrappable, we can get buildds going in Ubuntu15:38
SteveMcIntyreand start catching up with the sterling work from markos in Debian15:38
SteveMcIntyreI hope things are clear, please prod us if not15:38
Stskeepssounds good15:38
Stskeepseven early attempts on building hwpacks on top of armhf would be nice to see, we'd gladly test them :)15:40
Stskeepsbut bbl - leaving for vacation tomorrow so15:40
SteveMcIntyreis there anything we can do specifically to help you?15:40
SteveMcIntyreok, hwpacks coming soon I promise :-)15:41
SteveMcIntyrethanks for the feedback15:42
SteveMcIntyreAOB, folks?15:42
SteveMcIntyreI guess not15:44
SteveMcIntyrethanks everyone, I'll summarise for a minutes page as normal15:44
loolSteveMcIntyre: off the phone with Kiko, he acked the cross-distro thing16:16
loolI'll act on it on Monday or Tuesday to give David a chance to voice an opinion16:17
SteveMcIntyrelool: cool16:20
=== Stskeeps is now known as Stskeeps|holiday
SteveMcIntyremarkos_: ta for the update :-)22:00

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