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asacbero: hello sir ... greetz to the alps09:47
asacjust wanted to check if all is fine ... if you find your way around and if you are still happy ;)09:47
beroasac: hi, greetz to the flatlands ;)09:47
beroYes, sure09:47
asacalso if you checked if you might be able to attend our sprint in august ... or if there is anything we can do to make that happen09:47
asaci know its difficult ... still i have to ask ;)09:48
asac(because face to face would be just great)09:48
beroThe only (not too big) problem I'm having is that sometimes, it takes forever to get replies09:48
asacbero: on which topics?09:48
beroI have to see what I can do, maybe I can take some vacation days09:48
beroStill need to sort out how many days I have left at BlankPage09:48
asacbero: replies -> on admin topics?09:49
asacor from zach?09:49
beroOn the Freescale network driver thing - I've asked for the current status09:49
asac(or even me?)09:49
beroand haven't heard back so far09:49
asacdo i know about this?09:49
* asac scratches head09:49
beroI'm supposed to sort out relicensing of a Freescale network driver09:50
beroApparently there's some issues because they had a 3rd party write it09:51
asacbero: which board?09:51
beroI think so09:52
asacbero: i think you shouldnt really work on figuring licensing issues ... rather focus on the engineering. ericm and scottb and anmar are the ones that are taking care of licensing for our members10:35
beroI think the idea is to sort out licensing, then look at the code, fix it up if necessary, and get it merged10:35
pfalconI'm going to deploy new version of android-build's frontend11:03
pfalconETA for downtime 30min11:03
pfalconI'd like to do it in an hour. Please let me know if there're any concerns.11:03
asacawesome. thanks for the heads up11:11
* jserv-- is looking wiki: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/AndroidToolchainBenchmarking/2011-0611:12
jserv--great comprehensive.11:12
jserv--but, the cflags might be not so aggressive.11:13
asacthose are default cflags11:19
asacwill ask doanac to use whatever is the default in our platform builds11:19
asacjserv--: and maybe your graphite options11:19
asacjserv--: do you know how the binaries are produced when using bench.py? do they link against the binaries that are on the device by copying them off first etc.?11:22
jserv--asac, these binaries have few dependencies.  almost only libc.  Transfer to devices by adb.11:26
jserv--asac, the cflags in AOSP are pretty old.11:26
jserv--asac, gcc-4.5/4.6 provide more optimizations flags11:26
pfalconFunky, so gcc-4.6-11.06-0 release fails with that GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES error as doanac reported, by bzr checkout builds fine11:37
jserv--pfalcon, the same machine?11:37
pfalconjserv--: in the cloud, yep11:37
asacpfalcon: --disable-libquadmath?11:43
pfalconasac: will look into that11:43
asacpfalcon: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~asac/test-toolchain-4.6/11:43
asacguess bzr fixed the libc dependency of libquadmath11:44
asacthat would be great news11:44
pfalconok, deploy time12:04
pfalconok, deployment complete12:10
pfalconplease let me know if there're any issues12:10
asacpfalcon: was this roll out of new description feature?12:11
pfalconasac: yeah: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/panda/12:11
asacpatrikryd_ste: hey12:11
asacpatrikryd_ste: how is the stuff coming along12:11
asacpfalcon: hmm. where do i see the description ;)?12:11
pfalconasac: press ctrl+r is you don't see it ;-)12:12
asacvery good ... thanks!12:12
asacmaybe a "report bugs here: "... but lets see what zach wants ;) ... guess we can edit this anyway on our own12:13
pfalconYes, let's let Zach to tweak it ;-)12:13
pfalconasac: yes, you can edit on a page like: https://android-build.linaro.org/jenkins/job/linaro-android_beagle/ , click "edit description". caveat: each job has own description.12:14
pfalconI added those instructions to all 3 daily builds12:15
asacthanks a bunch. looks good12:25
pfalconasac: 4.6 official builds with warning, as discussed: https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/toolchain-4.6-2011.06-0/14:50
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